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Are you searching for long-term sustainable solutions that enhance your energy infrastructure and optimize energy efficiency ?

METCO is a multi-faceted firm that, for over fifteen years, has been designing and delivering cost-effective energy solutions across Texas.  As an accredited Energy Services Company (ESCO), we can provide innovative financing options allowing you to reduce energy expenditure immediately with no money out of pocket.


METCO envisions a sustainable future. We believe that embracing greater efficiency measures and utilizing renewable energy resources is key to sustainability. Our comprehensive offerings are designed to help our customers optimize their energy use, lower costs, reduce carbon footprint, and support the environment.
METCO designs and installs long-term value solutions, including MEP and HVAC system upgrades, building envelope, deep energy retrofits, and efficiency management. Our state-of-the-art tools help you cut energy costs with time and resource efficiencies.
METCO offers a broad range of energy management solutions to help you reduce your energy costs. We use environmentally friendly sources that are economically viable and resilient to external factors.
METCO's engineers have an impeccable command over control systems, automation, and data analysis. Some of our notable engineering services include maintenance and operation control, fire protection, air balancing, and shaft repairs.
METCO offers functional and aesthetic building services. Whether it’s General Contracting (GC), Construction Management (CM), or any other service, our team utilizes advanced technologies to ensure optimal operations and pleasing visual aesthetics.
METCO provides efficient supply management services, including energy procurement and energy cost management, demand response, and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Our integrated energy solutions can drive down utility costs and enhance your building value.
We utilize cutting edge technologies to deploy market-driven energy solutions, including energy storage, distributed generation, cogeneration, and demand-side management (DSM). Our services cater to a wide audience that ranges from small to large-scale organizations.

Client-specific Solutions

As a company founded on technology, METCO delivers cutting-edge solutions designed for your unique requirements.


METCO's team of experts will design and deliver the perfect package of services based on your specific energy needs, budget, and time limitations. We offer one-on-one consultations and walk you through every step of the process. Some consultation services include LEED consulting, weather normalization, and an EPA portfolio manager assessment.


METCO offers custom-built financing alternatives, such as performance contracting (ESPC) and Design-Build Own Operate Maintain (DBOOM) for commercial real estate investors. Our sustainable solutions are designed to manage your working capital needs and improve your balance sheet.


Here is a glimpse of our finished projects spread over a wide variety of multi-disciplinary fields. Our meticulous approach from execution to completion has earned us returning clients, company growth, and strong reputation in the energy sector.

METCO Engineering Projects

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METCO delivers work that is resilient, sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-controlled. In addition, the firm implements the next generation of technologies to meet clients’ needs budget, and standards. The work plan is seamless with customer service that is highly responsive to keep you at pace with the process and progress. Additionally, METCO integrates cutting-edge designs in power solutions.