Repairs at James Steele High School

Refurbishing the Educational Institutes for Cost Savings
Saving the school’s inventory through replacements and repairs
Upgraded and refurbished AHU peripherals, Programmable controller
The complete renovation of the educational facility helped the school save $9,789 annually

Renovations at James Steele High School

Since 2010, James Steele High School has been imparting quality education to a diverse range of students in the vicinity of Texas. According to MET standards, the school has a 96% graduating rate and has 142 students currently enrolled. It is paying a higher average to its teachers than most other schools and prides in having highly experienced teachers with an average experience of 12.6 years.

To ensure the facilities can uphold the proactive lifestyle of the faculty and students, the members of management decided to refurbish it.They scheduled a refurbishment project with METCO to replace and upgrade the controls with HVAC equipment, light fixtures for the building with new LED fixtures, the fire alarm system, lighting controls to exterior fixtures,gas piping on the roof that serves the kitchen water heater, emergency generator, new rooftop units and remove the condensate drains from the rooftop to the roof level. The fire protection system was extended to areas where it wasn’t built.

  • Industry Local
  • Location Roanoke, Texas
  • ServicesGeneral Contracting & Engineering


The project took a multi-disciplinary team of workers from METCO to finish successfully. With work required in several different areas including the lighting, fire alarm system, HVAC controls, gas pipe fitting and condensate pipes and drainage. Step by step planning was carried out to replace all the exhaust fans, roof top units, building controls with HVAC equipment, lighting controls for exterior fixtures, gas piping, condensate drains and extend the fire protection system to all corners of the building.

METCO experts of all niches worked together to accomplish the feat and planned step by step

To experts fitted the AHU peripherals including variable volume air water source heat pumps, fan powered variable air volume terminal units, retrofitting controls on constant air water source heat pumps, a USB backup and restore, a Wi-Fi connection and upgraded all the sensors. METCO engineers also added a programmable controller with LCD Display suitable for a large AHU.

  • Construction Cost $2.2 million
  • Annual Cost Savings $9,789
  • Electricity Savings113,356kWh/yr
  • Simple Payback (years) 19 years
Business Case

Giving Steele Students a modern, safer environment

Like every educational facility with children, James Steele High School also required important maintenance to make the environment safer and healthier. This would ensure there would be no infrastructural hindrance in the development and activities of these children. The cleaner school environment would have an important role in academic support of the students and saving cost in the long term.

During the installations, repairs and upgrades METCO experts took immense care of all environmental hazards and safety regulations. The project stretched for a couple of months and the team had to take extra care not to interfere or affect the student life in anyway. Renovations were scheduled at times with minimum people in the vicinity. The staff, students and parents were provided with complete transparency and were informed throughout the process. METCO strictly followed the Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule for child-occupied facility renovations. Hazardous waste and debris was determined and recycled safely. This project was completed by in 2017 and cost $2.2 million.

The complete refurbishing helped James Steele High School save 113,356 kWh/yr and $9,789 on cost savings.

Benefits of Choosing METCO


Reliable Choice for Your Child-Occupied Facilities

When working in a child-occupied site, METCO makes safety and awareness it’s priority. With highly qualified and trained experts, the METCO team has a proven track record of delivering the best. The students and staff were briefed prior to refurbishing and were provided with step by step guidance of the process. During the job, all repairs, upgrades and renovations were made with the sole objective of improving the school’s environment and reducing inventory consumption. Before wrapping up the project it was made sure that all hazardous debris was cleared out safely from the site and children were not exposed to any danger. All installations were tested for functionality and safety.The aesthetic aspect was kept in mind while installing new gas and drainage lines and electrical fittings. The total electric savings amounted to $9,789 annually. James Steele High School was able to become provide a more child-friendlier environment and save inventory and electricity cost.

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