Interior Lighting and Control Enhancements

METCO Engineering is a reliable name in the energy sector. The company provides a viable and budget-friendly control enhancements system for improved light consumption and savings.

What is Interior Light and Control Enhancements?

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in a decor as it sets the mood and ambiance of the place. Not only it illuminates but also works on the aesthetic appeal of the space. Lighting also affects the perceptually dynamic space and combines functionality with style.

With the advancement in technology, lighting now comes with a control system allowing for dimming or brightening the settings. Lights with control systems not only enhance the ambiance of the room but also save energy thus reducing electricity bills.

METCO’s Lighting and Control Enhancements

METCO offers a sophisticated range of control systems to provide the right intensity of light which is fully adjustable by the end user. The system maximizes energy savings, and comply with green life standards and other energy conservation codes related to design and construction of the building. With a single user interface device, individual or group of lights can be controlled, and complex scenes for particular activities can also be set. There is a wide range of energy setting available including:

Lights with Dimmers

Usually, lights come with an on/off switch that gives you the same amount of light during day and night. METCO’s lighting system is coupled with dimmers that provide full control of setting the amount and quality of light for improved experience and energy saving.

Dynamic Lights

Fluorescent or LED colored lights enhance the aesthetics of a room or the atmosphere of any event and save energy as they are low voltage bulbs. They support the ambiance and exude the right vibes to maximize the comfort of the space. Using Dynamic lights allows the consumer to turn on different settings such as warm dimming, white or colored tuning, depending on the functionality of the room. METCO’s Dynamic Lights come with either manual or automatic setting for dimming and daylight management. The color of the lights can also be adjusted to set the perfect milieu.

Programmable Logic Controls

Setting up the environment of the room according to its functionality according to the activities offer a comfortable aura to the space. A romantic dinner with the partner asks for a dimly lit room whereas a New Year party requires flashy, bright lights. Programmable Logic Controls allow adjusting the light settings as per the event.

Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors ensure the lights are never left on when the room is not in use.

Alarm Settings

For enhanced safety, lights can be paired with intruder alarms that automatically switch on all the lights upon detecting a break-in simultaneously, it also sends a warning signal to law enforcement agencies and security company for immediate assistance. METCO’s light solutions provide full access to the consumers to set the intensity of light as per the requirement. With such precise controls, the look and feel of the space can be crafted for maximum functionality and comfort.

Benefits of Choosing METCO

Energy Efficient Solution

Dimmer switches control the amount of light being used for improved energy efficiency.

Low Electricity Bills

Controlled light displacement reduces energy consumption which lowers electricity bills.

Conserve Energy

With automatic occupancy sensors, energy is never wasted.

Customized Control

Customize the brightness and quality of the light as per the room’s setting.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO is a group of reputed MEP consultants having more than a decade numerous years of experience in the field of engineering, construction, and energy generation. Our expert advisors hold open discussions with the client to identify key working areas and critical design requirements to enhance the performance of building equipment. Cost-effective and value-added MEP systems are installed to extend the lifespan of a building.

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