Texas Discovery Gardens AHU Installation

Saving the lives of Butterflies through AHU Replacement
Installing high retrofittings to make the habitat suitable for butterflies
Filter compartment, Heating and cooling coil, Vibration isolator, Fan compartment, Supply duct, Mixed air duct
Restoration and replacement of AHU components enabled the Butterfly House to save 703,259 kWh/yr

Repairs at the the Texas Discovery Gardens

Butterflies are delicate creatures that require a very controlled environment to survive, breed and undergo metamorphosis successfully. The Butterfly House at Fair Park is a non profit educational institute and serves as a habitat for more than 50 exotic species of butterflies. With that being said, each butterfly from various species, require unique environmental needs. The artificial environment provided by Fair Park needs to be at an optimum level for the butterflies to thrive and survive. A constant circulation, filtration and regulation of fresh air in the chamber ensures that this level is maintained.

Butterflies need specific temperatures, laying ground and nectar to live. Therefore, in a butterfly house, we would need sufficient nectar flowers and host flowers, along with an optimal environment and sunlight to maintain their ecosystem. METCO was entrusted with installing high-quality upgrades of the air handling unit at TDG that enabled the maintenance of this ecosystem.

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Modern and Cost-effective Retrofitting

METCO experts fitted the AHU peripherals including variable volume air water source heat pumps, fan powered variable air volume terminal units, retrofitting controls on constant air water source heat pumps, a USB backup and restore, a Wi-Fi connection and upgraded all the sensors. METCO engineers also added a programmable controller with LCD Display suitable for a large AHU.

  • Construction Cost$1,000,000
  • Annual Cost Savings $35,034
  • Electricity Savings703,259 kWh/yr
  • Simple Payback (years)5.89 yrs
Business Case

Saving the ‘Flying Flowers’

Butterflies are delicate insects with fifteen thousand species in all that have adapted to survive on almost every single continent. More than 50 of those species house in the butterfly chambers of the Texas Discovery Gardens. Each specie has its own unique needs but all tend to thrive in sunny, warm places with flowers. Having a well-maintained air handling unit that would provide with constant clean, conditioned air and control the temperature and humidity levels in the house was necessary.

An efficient AHU is critical in maintaining the HVAC system. Using an outdated or malfunctioning AHU could lead to imbalance in pressure, temperature and eventually prolonged use could lead to the compressor failure.

The system we installed had the essential, high-efficiency components including:
1. Filter compartment
2. Heating and cooling coil
3. Vibration isolator
4. Fan compartment
5. Supply duct
6. Mixed air duct

The newly installed AHU with retrofitting will help TDG save up to 703,529 kWh/yr of electricity and $35,034 per annum. This was made possible by fitting the latest controls connected to an LCD display. We were mindful of the HVAC and ISO requirements while installing the unit and made sure to follow the building and safety guidelines. The project was handled strategically and the client’s demands and needs were followed carefully. The control settings and electrical connections were arranged under the supervision of the controls contractor.

Benefits of Choosing METCO


Reasons to Choose METCO

Our staff at METCO consists of the best staff who are highly qualified and versatile. Our engineers are pioneers of handling large-scale projects and challenging design. Our workforce have been trained to assist our clients every step of the process beginning from the conception to completion. Our consistency in delivering result has led us in establishing long term connections with our clients. Texas Discovery Center’s monetary and power savings have helped them to invest on more expansions and upgrades including on their butterfly house. During the installation all the standard protocols and building safety guidelines were followed. Efficient AHU’s will enable prolonged regulation and provision of clean air flow.

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