Colleges and Universities

Empowering education with endless possibilities
METCO strives for providing the best possible solutions to Colleges and Universities as we believe that an improved educational sector is an important investment for a better future. We believe in providing supportive learning environments to empower and inspire young people with the necessary tools for success.

Scope of work

METCO works with universities and colleges on energy solutions, effective financing options, system improvements, upgrades, repairs, and renovations as well as offers MEP services. As we believe students are the future, so we help improve learning environments for students by providing them with exceptional services, ranging from updated student housing, modern technological facilities and security to student comfort on campus. METCO offers benefits like campus sustainability initiatives, experiential learning and ACUPCC commitments to educational institutes and its students.
We play a vital role in conserving the environment on campus by providing energy efficient upgrades that not only are more effective but help save the environment as well. We provide educational institutions with effective solutions that also help them increase student recruitment.
Student comfort plays a critical role in student recruitment. Campus appearance and maintenance plays a vital role in a student's choice of an educational institution. METCO helps in making improvements to the learning environment by providing its services for sustainable design and maintenance to colleges and universities. Such developments are beneficial for student comfort as satisfied students are in a better position to perform well.

METCO’s Commitments

METCO offers a number of benefits to colleges and universities as we strive for improving education for a better future. Our commitments to educational institutions include customized services to produce the most effective results.

ACUPCC Commitments

METCO supports the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment agreement on campus. METCO is committed to creating awareness about global warming on educational campuses as well as minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. We also promote research on sustainability programs as well as develop futuristic technologies to re-stabilize the earth's climate.

Experiential learning

METCO promotes experiential learning by providing special opportunities and internships to deserving students. The students take part in active learning exercises and learn from hands-on experience, which provides them with the ability to immediately apply the knowledge they gained through activities without hesitation. As part of the experiential learning experience, METCO also provides real-time coaching assistance and feedback for students.

Campus sustainability Initiatives

Campus sustainability initiatives are an essential part of METCO’s services to educational campuses. Students are engaged in activities such as awareness campaigns and seminars that let them acknowledge the importance of their behaviors on energy conservation and efficiency. METCO aims at not only making students aware of the impact of their actions on the environment but also encourages them to opt for more environmentally friendly, sustainable employment opportunities.

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