Weather Normalization

METCO offers a wide range of services designed to improve energy consumption for a sustainable future. Through our weather normalization tool, any building can measure its performance over a period of time. It helps locate investment avenues and cost avoidance opportunities.

What is Weather Normalization?

Weather normalization refers to the amount of energy the building would consume in average weather conditions. The outside temperature in any given day could be higher or lower compared to the building’s temperature. The weather-normalized energy covers up for this difference.

By calculating weather-normalized energy, managers can measure the performance of energy efficiency programs. An average of 30 years temperature is taken into account and adjustments in energy requirements are made as per annual variations.

The heating degree days (HDD) and cooling degree days (CDD) are essential factors used for assessing weather normalization energy. They determine which building needs improvement in energy consumption and conservation. The total amount of energy consumed in a period of time is divided by the sum of CDD and HDD. For comparison, repeat the same procedure on another building of similar capacity or against different time period.

However, other components such as seasonal swings, operational technologies and equipment, building’s facilities, location, and energy supply plant also play an important role in calculating normalized energy.

METCO’s Weather Normalization

METCO’s Weather Normalization technique aims to reduce the influence of weather conditions on the consumption of energy. Keeping HDD and CDD into account, the performance of the building is measured as degree days affect energy consumption trends.

Through weather normalization assessment, the cause of fluctuation in energy consumption is identified and the equipment and systems attributed to weather changes are categorized. Due to this, improvements, enhancements and returns on investments can easily be evaluated for efficient energy consumption.

The company’s Weather Normalization programs help energy managers mark the consumption and expenditure on electricity and other natural resources. Since energy usage depends on multiple factors, METCO Weather Normalization offers flexible reporting for better insights.

Benefits of Weather Normalization

Predict future consumption

Through index report trendline, the usage of electricity and water resources by the building in the coming years can be predicted.

Measure performance

By calculating weather normalization energy, the performance of energy saving alternatives such as solar panels can be measured.

Identify key investment avenues

Weather normalization helps identify energy wastage sources that require investment for efficient energy consumption.

Discover cost avoidance opportunities

Since the debt is given and tied to the property instead of the owner, it can be transferred to the next owner upon sale.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO Engineering Inc. offers innovative energy efficient solutions and resource management programs. Through our cost-effective and reliable services, we successfully served both the public and private sectors. Our advanced Weather Normalization algorithms calculate total energy consumption in certain weather conditions and compare it with other buildings of similar capacity. This helps energy managers to seamlessly identify energy saving and investment arenas for maximum financial benefits.

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