Houston Airport System (HAS) Energy Audit – HOU

Upgrading Facilities in William P. Hobby Airport (HOU)
Install new and improved utilities for energy efficiency
Red Garage Lighting, Solar Photovoltaic (PV), Concourse Controls Upgrades and VFDs, and Main Terminal Lighting
Our innovative energy efficiency programs and power technologies save HOU 8,867,624 kWh per year


Being the center for corporate and private aviation, HOU needs to guarantee long-term viability and sustainability. The airport partnered with METCO to provide its passengers with a well-lit facility and a seamless experience.

METCO engineers helped HOU go green with energy-efficient LED lighting. These collectively reduced carbon emissions by tons. 

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) were installed to modulate the power supply for their HVAC systems. VFDs are AC-motor drives that utilize only the power that's needed, and thereby, they are very effective at reducing the carbon footprint. 

METCO also installed Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and concourse control upgrades to offset the electricity costs.

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  • Location Houston, Texas
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METCO’s skilled engineers proposed the airport’s HVAC system with VFDs. This reduces annual energy consumption by $14,931 and ultimately prevent systems from breaking down. We installed 80% energy-efficient LED lights on the main terminal and Red garage ceiling to offer passengers with an intimate ambiance.

Our experts also upgraded concourse control systems. They carefully removed the old controllers and replaced them with new and efficient ones. While execution, we ensured crafting every single detail with a firm commitment to quality and excellence.

METCO team integrated solar PV systems in the low-voltage distribution grid. These photovoltaic upgrades resulted in long-term cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional power systems.

  • Construction Cost (HAS) $23.832915 million
  • Annual Cost Savings (HAS)  $1.302432 million
  • Electricity Savings (HAS) 24,404,222 kWh/yr
  • Simple Payback (HAS) 14.6 yrs (Report 1), 10.0 yrs (Report 2)
Business Case


William P. Hobby is Houston’s oldest commercial airport providing a hassle-free travel facility to an average of 14 million passengers every year. METCO’s proficient team carried out HOU’s improvement project with the goal of ensuring maximum energy savings and the least carbon footprint.

We installed the following upgrades in multiple UCRMs:

1. Red Garage Lighting

2. Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

3. Concourse Controls Upgrades and VFDs

4. Main Terminal Lighting

These installations save HOU 8,867,624 kWh in annual energy costs (reducing electricity demand of 3,855 kW/yr) and prevent greenhouse gas emissions every year. Furthermore, the ROI for these sustainable, eco-friendly, and energy-saving installments is expected to grow strong over the forecast period.

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METCO's certified engineers have demonstrated expertise in driving accountability and compliance within the assigned projects. We design customized solutions that fit the individual needs of our clients and pride ourselves on timely, highly efficient service.

METCO's improvement project for HOU was carried out smoothly and with great precision throughout. We strictly conformed to the state laws and regulations while upgrading the facilities at the airport. Our energy efficiency solutions have enabled HOU save $428, 290 every year and achieve a more sustainable competitive position.

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