Design Build Own Operate Maintain

With the increasing complexity of building designs, the process of construction and maintenance of buildings demands advanced strategies and systems to METCO has been a trusted partner in the construction sector. It has experience implementing the Design Build Own Operate Maintain (DBOOM) for several construction projects.

What is Design Build Own Operate Maintain?

Design Build Own Operate Maintain is a project financing system used in the construction services where a single contractor is given the responsibility for design, construction, operation and maintenance of a facility for a specified period prior to handing it over to the client.

DBOOM Process

The project owners invite contractors to submit their bids in a transparent tender process. The contractors submit their proposals following the specifications provided in the tender document.
They have to propose the amount for the design, construction, and maintenance of the facility for the time period specified. A number of documents have to be submitted by the bidders that outline the necessary qualifications required to complete the project. In a competitive bidding process, the project owner usually awards the contract to the lowest bidder that meets qualifications
After the contract is awarded, the contractor takes the responsibility of providing all the services from project design to execution. Each step is explained below.

Benefits of Design Build
Own Operate Maintain

Multipurpose and

One of the biggest benefit of DBOOM is that it combines responsibility for multiple functions under a single entity which makes it more efficient and saves money for the client.

Risk Free

There are few risks involved in this strategy and the client is relieved from the responsibility of repair during the maintenance phase.

Owner’s Autonomy

The contractor has sufficient knowledge of the project design and the materials utilized. They are able it to develop a detailed maintenance plan that anticipates and addresses needs as they occur, which can develop into more costly problems if they go unnoticed.

Promotes Innovation

DBOOM gives owners a certain level of control through the process and after. This encourages inclusion and innovation allowing the clients to benefit from the best expertise and advanced technologies.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO’s technical staff guarantees availability 24/7 to respond to emergency repairs and routine maintenance. We have trained professionals to perform workshop quality repairs onsite that saves significant amount of time, transportation and direct costs and consequently prevents business downtime. We use simulations and engineering drawings prior to construction and remodels that leads to expedited work delivery within time and budget and mitigates unnecessary expenditure that occurs in conventional engineering methods.

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