Cedar Crest Clubhouse Energy Upgrades

Meeting the Industry Standards of Tomorrow
Deploy robust and efficacious electrical upgrades to ensure steady operations
Integrated automation control, Pro-shop programming, HVAC economizers, Low voltage system & lighting upgrades, Electrical system rewiring
Golf clubhouse infrastructure rewiring has enabled the company to save $24749 per annum

Need for a Reliable and Resilient Set-Up

Built in the year 2001 on the sprawling green grounds of Cedar Crest Golf Course, atop the rolling hills, sits the double-story Clubhouse pro-shop. Confronted with high bills and a ventilation system that had outlived its usefulness, the company realized they had to take necessary action before a major fallout.
METCO engineers devised an efficient, cost-effective, plan for improving the existing electrical infrastructure in the Clubhouse.
The 4,320 sq.ft. compound, purposefully made for pro-golfers, needed upgrades pertaining to building comfort. It required a reliable, budget-friendly, and sustainable ventilation system to overcome the routine operational challenges.

  • IndustryRecreation
  • LocationDallas, Texas
  • Size4320 sq.ft

Next-Gen Electrical & Electronic Upgrades

A robust, automated electrical system is responsible to deliver comfort to the workers and clients. System failures, caused by outdated technology, can put a damper on day-to-day functions in the Clubhouse Pro-shop, and may lead to loss of customers.

To nurture the ambiance that attracts golf players, METCO identified the need for a temperature control and uninterrupted ventilation mechanism in the shop. Under the City of Dallas project, working alongside ESL experts, we updated various weak power links in the Clubhouse pro-shop, in accordance with the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat. We wired the best-in-class, dependable, equipment guaranteeing long-term performance.

  • Energy Efficiency36%
  • Construction Cost$350000
  • Annual Cost Savings$24749
  • Electricity Savings506744 kWh/yr
Business Case

All Systems are Go.

The software tool-set that pairs with the hardware allowed reduced installation costs and an increased commissioning efficiency.

To start, we employed an Integrated Automation control system, connected with the upgraded HVAC equipment, to meet pressing ventilation issues. After extensive calculations and sophisticated integrations, the Clubhouse Pro-shop was electrically programmed per the standard regulations.

These changes helped in minimizing costs and routine maintenance expenditure.

As an additional measure to conserve energy, our engineers installed economizers in the HVAC controls. These mechanical devices use outdoor air to cool the indoor environment. HVAC systems paired with economizers also enhanced the ventilation. A key electrical upgrade for lighting included installation of low voltage systems that guarantee cost efficiency and minimal maintenance expenditure. As a result, we created a premium feel with stunning lighting, without a trade-off, saving 506,744 kWh/yr of power usage.

Following building safety protocols, we installed the most up-to-date systems in fire alarms, smoke and other hazard detectors for occupants’ well-being. We strengthened the building’s security by modifying existing infrastructure to low voltage special systems.

Various tweaks in the electrical system enabled remarkable energy savings and cost reductions on a daily basis, as seen on their monthly billing.

Benefits of Choosing METCO


Partnering with the Best in the Industry

METCO expertly handled the Building Automation Systems that enabled Cedar Crest to save time and $24,749 per year. We have a flawless modus operandi that ensured lasting, beneficial, results for the company.

Our exceptional strategic planning and implementation procedures played an integral role in guaranteeing high-performance electric and electronic optimizations throughout the Clubhouse. Cedar Crest officials were especially impressed with the intricate sustainable tweaks that made the place more secure and comfortable for the staff and customers.

With our top-of-the-line upgrades seamlessly integrated into the Clubhouse, Cedar Crest officials are now set to save millions over the next years in terms of power usage.

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