Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation is one of the most convenient, onsite approach for power production.It works well during peak hours and power outages caused due to weather calamities. METCO assembles and installs distributed generation units at your site to reduce any operational failures.

What is Distributed Generation?

Distributed Generation is a combination of various technologies used to generate electricity near consumption point. In contrast to large centralized plants, these systems employ small yet numerous plants to produce electricity without much reliance on distribution and transmission.

Solar panels and CHP plants are the most common examples of distributed generation systems. They can be a single point of electricity production or be a part of a larger power delivery grid such as the main grid. About 1/6th of the country’s electricity production plants are based on distributed generation systems with more than 12 million DG units.

Typically powered through renewable resources, these onsite systems and plants provide clean energy with minimum electricity loss. However, DG systems have limited capacity and yield energy in a range from as low as 0.5 kilowatts to more than a 1,000 megawatts.

How does the METCO
DG system work?

METCO offers two different Distributed Generation setups to provide varying levels of energy demands.

1. Local Level:

Local level plants utilize renewable resources that are available at a specific location, including wind turbines, geothermal plants, solar panels, and PV cells. Setting them up on smaller scale near the consumption points increases reliance, effectiveness, and cost savings. They also tend to be eco-friendlier with limited line loss due to simplified transmission system.

2. EndPoint Level:

The endpoint level also uses renewable resources at the site to produce results similar to local level setups. However, it uses a modular internal combustion engine primarily used in backup power generators. They can be used in isolation for energy production with minimum greenhouse effects.

Benefits of DG units:


DG units are considered energy and cost saving plants as they consume renewable resources for power generation.

Close to end-user

These plants are set up at or nearby consumption points, which reduces energy distribution and transmission complications.

Increased Reliability

Combined heat and power plants and emergency generators provide electricity during power failures and peak hours.

Zero Wasted Energy

Distributed Generation units harness otherwise wasted energy to produce electricity. The line loss is eliminated as DG is an onsite plant that does not require transmission wires.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO Engineering offers distributed generation units that not only reduces cost but also give a sustainable alternative during peak time. We assemble all critical components to provide our customers with a safe, integrated unit. However, energy consumption needs to be effectively managed for significant savings. Our professional consultants and engineers provide efficient energy management plans, innovative metering solutions to enhance growth for sustainable future.

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