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Functional & Aesthetic Building Services

Our Detail-Oriented Approach

METCO’s team of professional engineers have an eye for detail and meticulous methods that help build your perfect building.

In-Depth Goals Assessment

Our crucial pre-construction phase leads to creative collaboration between vendors, contractors and designers for resource and cost assessment before entering into the construction phase.

Results-Driven Solutions

After finalising the preliminary details, the construction phase begins according to schedule. Safety management, teamwork, quality control and strict onsite supervision by qualified engineers make sure your project stays right on track.

Exceptional Customer Service

From the assessment process until plan implementation, we are with you until the end! METCO’s team drafts detailed project status report at every step to document all major processes. Our aim is not to please but to exceed clients’ expectations.

Recent Projects

METCO has completed a plethora of projects for the City of Dallas successfully so the locals can benefit from our sustainable, environment-friendly, and resilient power services.