Jack Evans Police HQ Continuous Commissioning

Providing a sustainable future to the Police Force
Maximizing cost and minimizing energy consumption
Continuous Commissioning, Auditing
Continuous commissioning allows AHU at the headquarters to save 113,356 kWh every year

Continuous Commissioning at the Jack Evans Police Headquarters

Situated at 1400 S Lamar St., the Jack Evans Police Headquarters, has served the citizens of Dallas since March 2003. Over the years, several renovations have helped maintain it as a state-of-the-art facility. The continuous upgrades included the maintenance of modern HVAC systems with all its components including the AHU.
These building controls and HVAC systems need to be constantly monitored and audited to check for repairs and replacements required in order to save cost and energy in the long term. The larger the facility, the more the chances of faults and maintenance issues. Jack Evans Police Headquarters is a 6 story building that covers 36,000 sq. ft. (360,000 sq.ft.) area housing labs, interview rooms, equipment rooms, surveillance facility, workstations, offices, conference rooms and other supporting facilities.

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  • Location Dallas, Texas
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Continuous Commissioning for Sustainability

The facility of Jack Evans has three chillers that generate and pump chilled water to 18 AHU units of the HVAC system. These require thorough testing at regular intervals to ensure that each individual component is integrated properly and can function on an operational level. METCO effectively ensures running of all components of the system at the police headquarters by continuous commissioning. This has helped cut construction cost to up to $70,000 annually.

  • Construction Cost $70,000 /yr
  • Annual Cost Savings $9,789
  • Electricity Savings113,356 kWh/yr
  • Simple Payback (years) 19 yrs
Business Case

Sustaining Jack Evans Police Headquarters by Continuous Commissioning

In order to uphold sustainability and maximize savings, METCO assisted Jack Evans Police Headquarters in continuous commissioning of the HVAC system Continuous commissioning is crucial to keep all components of the HVAC system functioning smoothly and maximize output. The detailed examining ensures that each component including AHU, chillers, distribution pumps, terminal units and boilers are working on a singular level. Integrated operations of all these various components are also checked during the procedure. Continuous commissioning by METCO helped save on annual cost and power and decrease construction cost by increasing longevity of existing machinery.

Before the commissioning test, auditors prepared a checklist that covered all aspects of the system including unit check, ductwork, electrical, pipework and other controls. The verification procedure was divided into the following steps:
1: All safety, alarms and interlocks are programmed properly in both manual and automatic modes.
2: The installed sensors are calibrated sufficiently enough to accomplish the strategies laid out for design control.
3: The unit capacity of the pre-heat, heating and cooling coil meet the load the manufacturer claimed during installation. Testing this unit at maximum load could be challenging. Part-load performance resolved this.
4: The fourth step was to test actuation and sequencing by verifying stroke for exhaust dampers, outdoor, and return to confirm that they were opening and closing according to the set economizer and building pressure control strategies. Air ventilation needs to be maintained at the specified value to function smoothly in variable-air-volume systems.
5: System can maintain and operate at the setpoint the air level was set to discharge.

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Hire Your Jack of All Trades

The experts at METCO ensure high quality services and commissioning services. Our auditors are experts in managing and maintaining large-scale projects and challenging design. The workforce has been trained to assist our clients every step of the process beginning from conception to completion. The consistency with which the team regulates these audits enabled METCO to helps to save your finances accelerating your way to invest in your vision.

Jack Evans Police Headquarters saved on energy consumption and the annual operating costs due to METCO’s regular commissioning and upkeep of the HVAC system and AHU units. This helps make the headquarters attain a more sustainable position.

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