Though often undermined in importance, maintenance operations are key factors that ensure the smooth and seamless performance of all working equipment. The thermodynamics involved with electrical and mechanical elements of industrial applications eventually lead to erosion and malfunctioning of components resulting in expensive repairs. Almost every disaster and system failure can be traced back to negligence in support. Therefore, timely maintenance is imperative to equipment health and is always on high priority by METCO.

METCO’s Multiple-Tier Maintenance Services

METCO offers periodic maintenance services alongside construction and MEP duties to enhance and increase the lifespan of the clients’ assets. The three-tier maintenance operations include:

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

These are a set of routine checks performed regularly to prevent the likelihood of a system breakdown and to avoid downtime. METCO utilizes advanced Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software to carry out preventive maintenance. CMMS allows for planning and implementing PM schedule based on time (days, months, etc.) or usage frequency (hours, kilometers, pounds, etc.). Other triggers such as condition-based PM schedule can also be configured depending on the asset in question.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

PdM employs intelligent analytics to reduce system downtime by forecasting when to perform the next maintenance operation. METCO implements Predictive analytics technologies to reduces costs associated with conventional maintenance methods because tune-ups are only performed when justified.

Proactive Maintenance

These are a set of activities performed to pinpoint hidden inefficiencies in equipment that may lead to degradation and system failure in the future. METCO carries out proactive maintenance to identify root causes of a technical fault before it leads to failure.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO understands that every asset is an investment and that it forms the backbone of a company. Our certified professionals are adept at making calculated decisions to minimize system downtime, prolong the life of your equipment, and improve production flow. Our data-driven approach enables companies to save millions of dollars on timely maintenance as compared to unplanned maintenance operations that prove to be costly. At METCO, we implement unique, cost-effective strategies that increase the reliability and sustainability of your energy assets.

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