South Central Police Station HVAC Upgrades

Repiping the Dallas Patrol Division
To modify the outdated ventilation systems of South Central Police Station in Dallas to ensure productive building performance
Deployment of robust and cost-effective HVAC controls that guarantee superior functionality
METCO's sustainable solutions allow South Central Police Station to save $450,000 annually

Starting from Scratch

With over 120 eventful years of existence, South Central Police Station has seen its fair share of renovations. With infrastructure upgrades being deployed periodically throughout its history, the building had a mix of HVAC systems. This is counter intuitive to energy efficiency. So we picked up the blueprints, took the electrical wiring apart, and began a new.

Remodeling the comfort zone

Ageing architecture and outdated automation systems never made a good match. When you have a building that houses law officials working 24/7, one needs to consider electricity needs and consumption on a daily schedule. A facility where work never sleeps needs a high performance building that is also cost-effective. This is exactly what we did.

Spanning over 25000 sq.ft., METCO meticulously re-engineered the building from the ground up. From plumbing to the programming of HVAC systems, we crafted each detail with dedicated precision. The real challenge was to provide a robust infrastructure backbone to the police department that proves to be reliable and economically viable in the long run.

  • Industry Local
  • Size 25000 sq.ft.
  • ServicesGeneral Contracting and Engineering

The Nitty-Gritty Details

METCO proposed a chiller-boiler combination of HVAC system with high energy efficiency ratings of components. This allowed the South Central Dallas Patrol Division to save 703,259 kWh/yr in terms of electricity that resulted in their annual cost savings of $35,034. By remodeling the building’s comfort system, we presented the Dallas Police Department with a long term cost-effective solution.

  • Construction Cost $450000
  • Annual Cost Savings $35034
  • Electricity Savings703259 kWh/yr
  • Simple Payback5.89 yrs
Business Case

Deploying a well-designed HVAC system

HVAC systems consume 39% of energy in commercial buildings. METCO installed an energy efficient HVAC system by selecting the right equipment keeping in mind the size of the compound, distribution zones and geographical landscape. Working within the client’s budget and demands, the overall quality of the setup was not compromised.

Metco’s Installation of heat pumps was a well thought out option as it matched the heating cost of natural gas but reduced the emissions to zero. Our engineers proposed electric chiller boiler HVAC plant primarily because it is hydronic, meaning it uses water and as a result….. It uses water which makes it more efficient than other configurations because it regulates even temperatures.

Smart Design meets High Performance

Combining mechanical, electrical and architectural expertise

A well executed HVAC system involves design considerations early on. Our engineers understand that each building is different with its unique needs. A tailored solution was formulated by METCO’s brilliant minds from different fields and an ideal HVAC setup was created.

The choice and size of equipment, and materials for construction purposes, were a deciding factor for setting up the HVAC plant. Dallas climate was another contending variable in the equation for thermal loads. The project was successfully completed by addressing all forthcoming challenges, following the building safety protocols and installing low voltage systems. HVAC engineering services by METCO ensured low operational costs and significant energy savings while also reducing the carbon footprint of the facility.

Benefits of Choosing METCO


Partnering With The Best In The Industry

METCO’s certified engineers expertly handled the Building Automation Systems that enabled Cedar Crest to save a lot of time and money. We have a flawless modus operandi that ensured lasting, beneficial, results for the company.

Our exceptional strategic planning and implementation procedures played an integral role in guaranteeing high-performance electric and electronic optimizations throughout the Clubhouse. The company officials were especially impressed with the intricate sustainable tweaks to make the place more secure and comfortable for the staff and clients.

With our top-of-the-line upgrades seamlessly integrated into the Clubhouse, Cedar Crest golf players are now set to save millions over the next decades in terms of power usage.

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