Comprehensive Energy Analysis

An increasing global focus on sustainable energy utilization is shifting the trend toward energy analytics. This service allows businesses to utilize data for improving the facility’s overall power capabilities.

Moreover, analytical data also helps to cut down operations and maintenance related costs and enhance energy management methods to ensure long-term sustainability, resilience, and reliability.

Our firm is at the forefront of energy analysis, providing clients with detailed assessments for tailored, cost-effective power consumption and generation tactics.


METCO is a trusted partner when it comes to data management and information analytics. With years of experience in transforming power requirements for clients all around the country, our team is adept at crunching numbers and translating insights into actionable intelligence.
Integrated Asset Management

Our company offers a unique fix to high cost maintenance issues of energy assets by utilizing an integrative asset management tool. This optimization process is vital for highlighting budget solutions and beneficial funding options for proper risk management associated with deteriorating equipment.


Powerful Business Intelligence software and data analytics tools, such as BIM and eQuest, enable clients to understand their unique energy usage patterns and make informed decisions. We have a dedicated team of engineers that gather insights from analytics to assess energy consumption, load and other important key metrics that affect energy costs and must be monitored to maximise profitability.

Compliance with Regulations

We implement our solutions through the EPA Portfolio Manager, an integral tool to analyze your building’s compliance with energy regulations. The software also helps track power consumption, water utilization, and monitoring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, ensuring lasting benefits.

Routine Energy Reports

METCO also provides periodic reports after closely monitoring the power usage patterns and expenses across your facility. Based on the collected data, we can further identify critical areas for equipment enhancements to drive savings.


Over the years, we have successfully provided Energy Analysis services and practical solutions to a wide range of clientele in healthcare, government, academic, and military sectors. We provide real-time response to market changes to keep clients a step ahead in the energy sector.

Most importantly, METCO understands the underlying importance of energy expenditure in any industry. By harnessing the power of data, we ensure asset integrity and guarantee calculated business decisions based on market forecasts.

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