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METCO aims at providing practical solutions to conserve energy resources for a sustainable life and a healthy environment. Buildings are the leading cause of environmental pollution as they largely emit greenhouse gases. Striving to earn an Energy Star not only enhances the asset value of the building but also makes it sustainable for environment and human life.

What is Energy Star?

Energy Star is a ranking system developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designed to certify energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings. About a third of energy gets wasted in an average building due to its complex heating and cooling systems; this calls for competent management to conserve resources.

Improving the HVAC system, lighting setups and equipment quality will not only lead to energy savings but also reduce utility bills and carbon gas emission. For earning an Energy Star, a home must be 20%-30% more energy-efficient as compared to regular houses of similar capacity.

What Does it Mean to be
Energy Star Certified?

The Energy Star Program was established in 1992 to help save energy and reduce utility bills cost. Around 1.9 million homes and apartments have been Energy Star certified due to their efficient HVAC system, water management, and maintenance-free appliances.

Using the EPA Portfolio Manager tool, the performance of a building is measured and compared with other structures of similar setups. It is an online tool used to track a building’s energy and water consumption, and also measure trace its carbon footprint. The performance of a building is also benchmarked and compared with its allies. For earning Energy Star certificate, a building must earn 75 score number on the Portfolio Manager 1-100 scale. The points are based on operational condition, weather situation, and other defining factors related to design, construction and maintenance.

On average, an Energy Star Certified building uses 35% less energy and saves up to 50 cents per foot. This in turn, helps reduce lifecycle costs as minimal maintenance is required and also boost the long-term value. The Energy Star Certificate needs to be renewed every year to ensure that the building maintains its high-performance and energy-efficiency.

These buildings are designed to lessen carbon emission making them sustainable and long lasting. With such added benefits, Energy Star certified buildings have increased occupancy rate as compared to other facilities.

METCO’s Energy Star

Energy Star is a high-rated certificate with complex rating system. It requires yearly renewal as the standard and scoring criteria changes as per advancement in technology. An Energy Star consultant not only simplifies the procedure but also keeps you informed of latest developments and changes.
Energy Star consultants assess your building, provide energy efficient alternatives and enhance the comfort of your space. These consultants are trained to identify the problems, prioritize investment avenues and ensure money is well spent.
METCO is one of the most renowned consulting agency serving hundreds of clients across the city of Dallas. Our skilled engineers are detail-oriented giving our clients an in-depth analysis of the certification process and requirements for flawless execution.We conduct energy audits to identify high, medium and low-cost changes for scoring better on Portfolio Manager. METCO holds expertise in pinpointing significant upgrades and offering durable alternatives to the existing power system for improved efficiency. Our consultancy services include :

  • Devising energy efficient programs and strategies for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Highlight the importance of energy saving and create building plans and designs accordingly.
  • Provide consultancy services by analyzing and summarizing energy reports.
  • Recommend improvement programs for enhanced energy savings.

Benefits of LEED Consultation

Professional Guidance

Energy Star Consultants are certified for having the right set of engineering, managerial, auditing and other technical skills to assist the clients.

Foolproof, Cost-effective Solutions

Energy Star Consultants are dedicated to providing cost-effective proposals that your building can easily qualify for Energy Star Certificate year after year.

Updated Industry Trends

Energy Star Consultants are updated with the latest Energy Star metrics that are upgraded every year due to technology advancements.

Mitigated Risks

The different threshold limits make it difficult to choose the right category in the EPA tool; however, an experienced Energy Star Consultant mitigates the risk of disqualification.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO is a result-driven, detail-oriented company offering exceptional consultancy service across the Dallas City. We have the skills to guide you towards earning Energy Star Certificate and turning your ordinary building into an eco-friendly, sustainable site. Conducting thorough energy audits, devising energy-efficient and cost-effective plans are few of the aspects that our consultants work on. We keep you updated with latest industry trends so that your building easily qualify for the Certificate year after year.

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