Federal Government

Empowering the nation
Federal Government works towards uplifting the country. A driven workforce that never sleeps needs a high performance building that maximizes productivity. METCO has contributed to the mission with effective solutions.

Serving the nation with dedication

Federal Government officials are mission-driven who are striving for the success of the country on all fronts. The spectrum of responsibilities and activities of the institution is quite diverse. They are one of the most trusted personnel by the State departments as well as citizens for effectively utilizing public funds.

From road management and law enforcement to state operations, all major decision calls come under the umbrella of the Federal Government. This requires regular infrastructure upgrades to meet increasing demands and monetizing assets for smooth cash flow.

METCO offers a reliable support system through its cost-effective and sustainable solutions. The company specializes in energy efficiency programs, system upgrades, remodels and renovation as well as MEP services.

Industrial Benefits

METCO offers numerous industrial benefits to the Federal Government with its value-added services including:

Asset monetization

Monetizing assets is one of the primary responsibilities of the Federal Government. Reducing the cost of energy bills, minimizing resource consumption, and upgrading the current power supply system are a few of the avenues that the Federal Government can monetize on. METCO specializes in providing energy-efficient and resource management solutions. Our futuristic technology not only meets sustainability goals but also proves to be cost-effective in the long run.


Federal Government deals with sensitive data and affairs pertaining to national security. A reliable power system is of vital need to support the highly sophisticated IT equipment and tools for preventing information theft. METCO offers reliable power generation sources for uninterrupted power supply at an affordable price. These alternative power production sources meet the increasing demand for electricity at peak hours to cope with the power influx.

With years of experience in serving the government with robust and energy-efficient plans, METCO Engineering Inc. has earned a reputable position in the energy sector that is synonymous with reliability.

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