Arlington Hall HVAC Upgrades

Making energy-efficiency upgrades in a historic building
Replace existing heat pumps for a better ventilation system throughout the building
Energy performance assessment, HVAC system installation and configuration
Green and cost-effective tune-ups for sustainable energy benefits save Arlington hall $35034 annually.

Need for Efficiency Upgrades in the Building
Ventilation System

A building survives an era if it meets structural requirements that entail periodic infrastructure upgrades. Before any major upgrade or system replacement, several issues are taken into consideration like upgrade needs, comfort issues, past energy performance, safety issues, building’s health and construction costs. After a careful assessment of the Arlington Hall, some key replacements surfaced up to increase the efficiency of the building’s HVAC system.

Built in 1939, Arlington Hall has been through several performance upgrades over the decades to keep up with the changing power trends. Energy performance assessment of the age-old building identified the need of certain HVAC units to be replaced. According to the U.S Department of Energy (DOE), heating cooling make up 40% of the annual energy consumption. Hence, installing the right equipment guarantees a significant reduction in electricity bills and an overall high efficiency.

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Making High-End Choices

According to DOE, research indicates that building owners can minimise energy use by 20% if they duly upgrade their heating and cooling systems. Apart from foreseeable energy efficiency, HVAC upgrades also improve air quality, durability and comfort of the building.

After a detailed on-site and off-site assessment, engineers from METCO pinpointed the tune-ups in the building ventilation system for a superior performance. LG Multi V IV pump system with its 4th generation inverter compressor was installed. Outdoor units were replaced by air-cooled heat pump condensing units with grille guards. Indoor fan coils were also replaced.

While making these replacements, METCO experts also considered how these components will interact with the existing setup of the building. This ensures that security of the building is not compromised by system faults or compatibility issues.

  • Construction Cost $260000
  • Annual Cost Savings $35034
  • Electricity Savings703259 kWh/yr
  • Simple Payback (years) 5.89
Business Case

Towards Greater Energy Benefits

Deploying heat pumps means the entire HVAC system of the building is being modified. The choice of installing LG VRF solution that is rated world will enable Arlington Hall to reap economic benefits in the long run.

The system comes with cutting-edge inverter compressor with HiPOR (High Pressure Oil Return) technology. It has built-in Active Refrigerant Control feature that monitors the volume of refrigerant during each cycle and adjusts it accordingly. This leads to higher efficiency. The level of refrigerant is important because according to EPA, incorrect levels can decrease efficiency by 5% to 20% and may also cause component failure that is costly to repair.

Unlike conventional heat pumps that have fixed path in the exchanger circuit, our installed unit has a variable heat exchanger circuit. This means path number corresponds to temperature and operation modes, further contributing towards high efficiency. Furthermore, energy wastage is prevented by real-time monitoring of oil levels in the unit.

Our engineers installed and configured all supporting peripherals in the facility to ensure seamless operation of the HVAC system.

Benefits of Choosing METCO


Meet the Experts

METCO’s staff comprises of competent and qualified engineers who are ready to handle all large-scale projects. Our trained and certified personnels guide clients in all aspects of the project from execution to completion ensuring long lasting terms with client companies.

Annual cost savings of Arlington Hall will allow Lee Park Conservancy to invest in other beneficial projects cutting unnecessary expenditure. High efficiency upgrades will make sure the Hall functions smoothly for years to come.

Additionally, our engineers followed building codes and standard procedures while displaying an ethical conduct.

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