Energy Infrastructure

Every organization with large-scale power demands require a periodic energy infrastructure upgrade. This upgrade improves clients’ existing power generation, transport, storage, and integration systems to guarantee stability and increase efficiency.

Proper energy security helps maintain a resilient supply of power to facilitate uninterrupted completion of routine tasks. Most organizations cannot afford power outages, as it may result in critical data loss, significant financial impacts, and even fatalities.

Therefore, to ensure energy security, METCO is actively involved in offering reliable and cost-effective power upgrade solutions.


METCO strives to meet all your energy goals by performing a detailed evaluation of your business’s power needs. Based on our assessment, we create customized plans for your facility to build and install resilient power systems.

Distribution & Storage Solutions

METCO maximizes energy efficiency and focuses on minimizing losses by improving energy transmission & storage technologies at your facility.

Proper Risk Management

METCO professionals identify equipment that requires replacement or maintenance, within budget, enabling cutbacks in extra expenses and machinery longevity.

Integration with Renewables

Sustainable and eco-friendly energy generation techniques, promoting low carbon emissions, form the basis of our infrastructure improvements.

METCO’s Energy Saving Guarantee

Our company provides revolutionary power upgrade services integrated with cutting-edge technologies. The efficiency and sustainability quotient exceeds benchmarks set by the government. We utilize our data-driven approach to predict energy trends so your businesses stay ahead than the rest.

We have successfully completed a variety of infrastructure enhancement projects since inception. Our firm caters to all private and public sectors, including healthcare, education, local, state, and federal government, and commercial/industrial facilities.

Over the years, METCO’s certified team of engineers have designed, installed, and maintained exceptional power solutions across Texas. Our broad spectrum of expertise guides us in the outstanding applications of secure infrastructure improvements.

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METCO Engineering Projects

Here is a glimpse of our finished projects spread over a wide variety of multi-disciplinary fields. Our meticulous approach from execution to completion has earned us returning clients, company growth, and strong reputation in the energy sector.