Dallas Police Motorcycle Fuel Island Storage Upgrades

For Cost-effective, Improved Fuel Storage Solutions
Installation of Above-Ground Storage tanks for enhanced safety
Steel-based fuel tank, Flex pipes, Fuel dispenser, AC fuel transfer pumps, Hanging hardware, Monitoring well
Deploying above ground fuel tanks to mitigate the risk of theft, vandalism, and leakage related accidents. This leads to $35,034 annual fuel saving costs

Taking Measures for a Safer, Reliable Fuel Storage Option

For safer fuel storage, the Dallas Police department needs efficient reservoirs with polished concrete surface to charge up their vehicles. Spending on cleanup and maintenance of underground fuel tanks is complicated as well as expensive. Installing above ground fuel tanks is the most suitable option as it reduces yearly expenses and increases mobility. Furthermore, it also reduces the chances of leakage related accidents and minimizes corrosion.
Dallas Police Department is efficient and equipped with high-performance vehicles that require easy access to fuel recharge. To upgrade and supplant their fuel storage, Dallas PD chose METCO for mounting steel-made, corrosion-free fuel tanks above the ground.

  • Industry Local
  • Location Dallas, Texas
  • ServicesGeneral Contracting and Engineering

Cost-effective and Durable Repository for the Department

METCO hired TCEQ licensed contractor to work on a viable and safer solution. The team removed the underground fuel tank and placed a new 100-gallon storage tank above the ground. This steel-made tank is corrosion-resistant and requires minimum maintenance.
Abiding by the construction codes and environmental-safety regulations, METCO ensures supreme quality of services and construction procedures. Its cost-effective storage solutions are viable and long-lasting for improved safety and facilitation.

  • Construction Cost $250,000
  • Annual Cost Savings $35,034
  • Electricity Savings703,259 kWh/yr
  • Simple Payback (years) 5.89 yrs
Business Case

Restructuring Fuel Supply

Under METCO’s supervision, the contractor installed the fuel tank at the site for improved safety. The fuel station was first evaluated for its eligibility with respect to local ordinance and fire codes. Land area was measured to ensure that it can accommodate the above-ground tank. The site was also assessed for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, spill prevention alternates and protection from theft and vandalism.
This alternative offered an economical and efficient fuel reservation system for improved fuel distribution and access. The essential components of the project included:
1: Steel-based Fuel Tank
2: Flex Pipes
3: Fuel Dispenser
4: AC Fuel Transfer Pumps
5: Hanging Hardware (nozzle, swivels, splash shield…)
6: Monitoring Well
The responsibilities included in providing a safer, accessible and durable storage tank above the ground, which was handled by our reliable, TCEQ licensed contractor.The above the ground tanks are durable and corrosion resistant. It also prevents underground contamination as leakage can instantly be addressed, which otherwise pose a greater risk to soil health, ecosystem and water bodies.

Benefits of Choosing METCO


Collaborating with Certified Professionals

Our great customer services keep you connected throughout the installation process for continuous feedback. We guarantee that you get the best of the services and products to meet all your demands including secured fuel storage.

The project was carried out smoothly from beginning till the completion. We strictly adhered to the state laws and followed construction codes and regulations to provide a legally-sound, alternate fuel reservoir system to Dallas Police Motorcycle Fuel Island.

METCO’s durable fuel storage tank boast $ 35,034 annual fuel saving costs as it prevents leakage and improves accessibility for refilling motor vehicles.

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