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Comprehensive, Reliable and Sustainable Solutions for Commercial & Retail Sectors
While commercial and retail industries are playing their role in uplifting the economy, METCO Engineering has been thriving to cut down their expenses in terms of operating and energy costs through sustainable solutions.

METCO’s Commercial & Retail Solutions

Reliability coupled with sustainability elevates our commercial and retail solutions, and we pride ourselves in offering world-class services across a broad spectrum of industries. With a focus on enhancing productivity through technologically-inclusive solutions, METCO has been transforming businesses in the commercial and retail sector for more than a decade. Fifteen years of experience in engineering, design, construction, and energy enables us to deliver integrated services, products and systems tailored to the needs of modern-day businesses.

Reliable and Effective Solutions

Commercial and Retail sectors of a country contribute heavily to the overall GDP. In the United States alone, retail sales in the year 2018 accounted for a record-breaking $6,055.2 billion and the numbers are increasing every year.
Our team of professionals from varying backgrounds, has a proven track record of upgrading manufacturing facilities and commercial spaces, from design, and concept to execution phases to deliver desirable results. Ever since its inception in 2004, METCO has offered environment-friendly solutions across different segments. With our team of innovators and researchers, we deliver customized solutions suited to the needs of customers.

Cost Savings

METCO offers the much-needed peace of mind all while ensuring timely completion and by compressing timelines through the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we help reduce costs significantly. From optimized energy solutions to increased operational efficiency, we have a lot to offer to cut down the costs, not just in the development or renovation phase, but after the successful execution of the project as well.

Informed Decisions for Digitally Connected Workspaces

The need to make informed decisions about optimizing facilities for increased revenues, cost reduction and safer working environment is now more than ever. Smart, secure, operationally efficient and fully connected workspaces are the key to the growth of a business, and METCO facilitates retail stores to bring them up to date.

Sustainable Solutions

In today’s world, sustainability is the way forward, and it is our responsibility to contribute in however way we can to protect our environment. METCO’s commercial projects prioritize delivering excellence and nurturing growth, while offering sustainable solutions through application of skills and engineering knowledge. We are industry leaders when it comes to optimizing operations, from building facilities to installation of integrated control systems, HVAC to optimal lighting conditions, and all energy solutions that power up your business.

Experience sustainable lifestyles with our eco-friendly, cost-effective and tailored commercial & retail solutions.

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