MEP Engineering

MEP engineering deals with the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing aspects of the building construction. These three technical disciplines have to be synchronised in order to avoid avoid compatibility issues and conflicts in installation. of electrical, mechanical or plumbing equipment. METCO offers reliable MEP services to its clients, ensuring high building performance and code compliance related to each MEP field.

METCO’s Diverse MEP Services

A broad range of services come under the umbrella of MEP and they are addressed simultaneously for optimum building security and comfort. Every construction project involves a high level of integration between mechanical, electrical and plumbing domains.

Mechanical Services

METCO provides robust HVAC installation engineered to clients’ specifications. Additionally, central plant upgrades, boilers service and certification, humidification, water treatment and general repairs are carried out as part of MEP.

Electrical Services

These comprise of a broad spectrum of services that include transformers, switchgear, control systems, infrared thermography and most importantly onsite power distribution requirements. METCO delivers a comprehensive electrical design system that also addresses fire alarms and building security.

Plumbing Services

Piping network design related to cold and hot water, waste and water management and all systems that require ducts and piping fall under plumbing domain. Additional services include Backflow testing and certification, ultrasonic leak detection, video camera inspections and repairs.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO has successfully established itself as an engineering firm that provides reliable and tailored MEP services to clients. Additionally, METCO being a qualified MEP firm, offers the advantage of reduced installation and material costs by optimising requirements in all design aspects. Building design and structure focuses on high efficiency, sustainability and superior performance, and conforms to LEED standards for certification

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METCO Engineering Projects

Here is a glimpse of our finished projects spread over a wide variety of multi-disciplinary fields. Our meticulous approach from execution to completion has earned us returning clients, company growth, and strong reputation in the energy sector.