Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plants

METCO holds expertise in effectively processing natural resources for safer, reliable energy production. Our eco-friendly alternatives provide cost-effective solutions to meet your power generation demand.

What is a Combined Cycle Plant?

Natural gas is an organic and inexhaustible energy source for producing electricity.

There are two different methods of turning Natural Gas into energy/electricity:
- Steam Generation Units
- Combined Cycle Plants.

However, the latter is more popular due to its increased 50%-60% efficiency than that of thermal energy. Combined Cycle Plants is a three-step process that uses a turbine and an external Heat Recovery Steam Generator to produce electricity. using a turbine and an external Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

Step 1: Firstly, turbine compresses air and mixes it with hot fuel to spin the fan for generating electricity.

Step 2: The HRSG collects the exhausted heat and redirects it to the steam turbine

Step 3: The steam turbine sends it back to the generator drive shaft where it is again converted into electricity.

As the largest producer of Natural Gas, the U.S. uses it Natural Gas as one of the primary sources of energy production. The country produced 87.5 quadrillion Btu of energy whereas it consumes about 97.7 quadrillion Btu -- the exceeding need for energy is met through imports. To meet the demand, the country requires a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution.

What does METCO do?

METCO uses a combination of gas and steam turbines which are connected to HRSG. A gas turbine comprises of three key units:
- a compressor to compress the air,
- a combustor to mix hot fuel and compressed air
- a turbine to generate electricity.

The otherwise wasted heat is then collected in an HRSG cell; and from there, it is directed to a steam turbine consisting of a turbine and pump to produce extra energy.

METCO provides cutting-edge technology, inventive designs, and successful implementation of plans to meet your energy needs and cost-effective electricity solutions. The company also steps up your revenue generation as excess electricity produced through HRSG can be sold to the main power grid.

The customized and supreme energy production models involve high-quality equipment, flexible financing plans and easy maintenance for increased surplus. METCO effectively harnesses the power of natural resource for large-scale, sustainable energy generation.

High-quality equipment and easy maintenance make METCO Combined Cycle plants a reliable source of energy. Effective channeling of natural resources results in large-scale, sustainable energy production. With a team of experienced professionals, the company aims to provide practical and economical setup while minimizing carbon footprint. METCO Engineering is known for its high-quality, budget-friendly power generation projects serving both the private and public sectors.

Benefits of Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plants

Improved efficiency

Combination of two different thermodynamic cycles that result in increased efficiency

Less carbon emission

Wasteful gases are turned into energy thus reducing carbon footprint. Using emitted gases to produce additional electricity minimize the amount The emitted CO2 does not alter the climatic conditions as biogas is a carbon neutral fuel.

Easy to operate

Meet the fluctuating need for electricity demand due to quick dispatch time

Cost-effective alternate

The biogas plant is a cheaper energy resource as compared to thermal energy plant with around 62% efficiency.

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