General Contracting

General Contracting (GC) is one of the most successful construction methodologies to be used for both small and large scale projects in the in the construction industry. METCO has successfully executed several GC projects ranging from small residential structures to large construction projects by providing a wide range of services through subcontracting.

What is General Contracting?

General Contracting is the overall management of a project from start to completion. The firm which is awarded General Contract, is responsible for the overall construction activities including overseeing the construction site, ensuring safety at the site, procurement of labor and material, along with project management services. The general contractor hires subcontractors for different construction activities. The hiring of specialized subcontractors is an important factor in determining if the project will be completed successfully within budget, time, scope and quality targets.

The Process of General Contracting

The project owner reaches out to vendors through the bidding process. The bid includes technical and financial proposal. The financial proposal specifies the amount of money for which the vendor is willing to offer its services. There are 2 types of bids. In open bid process, all interested Vendors are invited to offer their bid to the owner. On the other hand, in closed bids, the project owner sends a bid invitation to selected contractors.
The general contracts are awarded to vendors after assessing their capability, technical expertise, financial stability, product cost, delivery dates, and contractual terms. The contracts are of different types including:

Benefits of General


A business owner can a save considerable amount of money by hiring a general contractor.


The project owner does not have to go through legal hassles of obtaining permits and other time consuming activities as it becomes the responsibility of the Contractor.


General contractors also give a warranty which will protect the project owners. The warranty provides guarantee that the work being done follows the contract documents, specifications, and drawings. The contractor is liable to cover any repairs or replacements of any alleged defective work at its cost.

Constant Feedback
during the Process

The project is handled by at large team of construction workers, subcontractors and foreman. Many different professionals will be on site with the workers to impart the best possible advice on building design and materials based on their expertise and niche to deliver impeccable design.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO has a vast experience in construction management and has successfully implemented several construction projects by designing calculated strategies and insight. METCO works with a number of sub-contractors and has considerable experience in dealing with the sub-contractors for the successful implementation of project within schedule. METCO overlooks each construction project with the utmost attention and care following very specific safety guidelines determined by on the state level.

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