Houston Airport System (HAS) Energy Audit – IAH

Installing Energy Efficiency Systems and Upgrades in IAH
Overhaul the energy system in the Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
Terminal A & A/B Garage Lighting Retrofit, D/E Garage Lighting, Terminal C CC, AHU VAV Conversion, and BHS Upgrade
Our sustainable energy solutions enable IAH to save 15,536,599 kWh of electricity every year.


Since it receives about 40 million passengers annually, it is crucial for IAH to keep up-to-date facilities and invest in high-performance power resources.

Retrofits and renewable power supplies are superior options because they meet most energy needs of the facility. Furthermore, they are inexhaustible with a minimum carbon footprint.

IAH is a well-run facility that covers a huge 10,000 acres. They partnered with METCO to upgrade user experience, increase energy efficiency and cut down on electricity expenses.

  • Industry Air Transportation
  • Location Houston, Texas
  • Services General Contracting & Engineering


METCO engineers removed and replaced the aged motors with 10-15% more energy-efficient motors. Baggage Handling System (BHS) was retrofitted to speed up the checking process. This eventually cuts down the utility cost by 1,248,833 kWh annually.

We upgraded the airport's Air Handling Units (AHUs) and Variable Air Volume (VAV) to ensure an adequate fresh outdoor air supply in compliance with ASHRAE standards.

We installed new cost-effective LED lights in D/E garage and retrofitted the existing lighting system in terminal garages A/B with cost-effective LED lights. This reduces yearly energy consumption by two-thirds and provides a maintenance cost saving of $39,127.

METCO also effectively ensures the running of all components of the system at IAH Terminal C by Continuous Commissioning (CC). This is essential to keep all system components functioning efficiently and at peak performance.

  • Construction Cost (HAS) $23.832915 million
  • Annual Cost Savings (HAS) $1.302432 million
  • Electricity Savings (HAS) 24,404,222 kWh/yr
  • Simple Payback (HAS) 14.6 yrs (Report 1), 10.0 (Report 2) yrs
Business Case


Being one of the busiest businesses around, it is inevitable that the aviation industry takes power efficiency measures and reduces carbon emissions.

METCO’s energy audit enabled IAH to cut the airport’s utility costs and eventually lower the carbon footprint by tons.

To guarantee long-term sustainability and maximum savings, our team assisted IAH in the following UCRMs:

1. D/E Garage Lighting

2. Terminal A & A/B Garage Lighting Retrofit

3. Terminal C CC

4. AHU VAV Conversion

5. BHS Upgrade

The METCO team took great care in executing this project with excellence and precision. Special attention was paid while retrofitting and replacing the old HVAC systems with unique and high-efficiency technologies. Our renewable energy systems and energy efficiency measures have enabled IAH to save 15,536,599 kWh/yr of electricity with an annual energy demand saving of 8,458 kW.

Benefits of Choosing METCO


Unprecedented Level of Service

METCO’s certified engineers are leaders in their fields, and they are always committed to:

1. Creating high-performance systems

2. Offering energy-efficiency operations

3. Supporting technological innovation and economy

We do not believe in the 'one size fits all' method. Our solutions are always customized with clients and scientifically-validated to guarantee minimum carbon emission. Our engineers don't just identify problems; they go the extra mile to solve them and factor in long-term economic benefits.

We thrive on properly coordinated workflows and seamlessly managed teams to deliver quality work. To eliminate the hassle at your end, our experts take care of the communication with contractors and subcontractors involved in the project.

METCO has excellent service to guide companies throughout the project, establish transparent dealings with customers, and use flexible business ethics to win over clients. METCO's improvement project for IAH was carried out smoothly throughout.

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