State & Municipal Government

Stepping towards growth
Local municipal government works for the advancement of communities and counties and the state government works for the development of the whole country. METCO offers multiple services to streamline government operations for an improved lifestyle

Upgrading City Operations

Great comfort and access to state-of-the-art facilities makes a city a beautiful place to live in. But it is the state and municipal government that tirelessly work for the development of a town or city.
To meet the increasing demand for upgraded facilities, the government strives to outperform itself every day. As municipal operations often encounter economic, environmental and social challenges. METCO strives to improve all the aspect of state functionality through installing modern equipment, optimizing water systems and increasing reliance on renewable energy resources.

However, such upgrades could turn out to be expensive but METCO offers cost-effective solutions to promote energy efficiency. These solutions provide numerous financial benefits such as low utility bills and minimal maintenance.

Collaborating for a Greener Country

Being the second largest economic hub, Texas is home to technological advancement and communal growth. METCO with its innovative energy solutions and cost-effective plans support the government to install efficient equipment, upgrade infrastructure, and improve security.

Supporting the Police Department:

METCO offers spacious fuel storage tanks, upgraded power supply systems and integrated technology based tools for improved performance of the Police Department. The software applications can help lodging complaints online, track down criminals and safely store sensitive data. The energy and resource management plans assist in cost saving and moving towards a sustainable future.

Improving Energy efficiency at Recreational Parks:

Parks are a hub of various activities and to keep things running’ continuous power supply is of great importance. METCO offers reliable LED conversions for reduced energy bills and providing an alternative power plant for uninterrupted electricity supply all day long.

For safer and cost-effective solutions, METCO has become the leading choice across Dallas. The company has years of experience in serving the government for seamless infrastructure operations and facility management.

METCO Engineering Projects