Geothermal Heating and Cooling System

Geothermal heating and cooling systems produce sustainable energy in the form of electricity and heat. METCO holds more than a decade of experience in tapping renewable resources such as geothermal regions to provide cost-effective and eco-friendly power alternatives for meeting the increased energy demands.

What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is the heat produced and stored within the Earth surface. The energy is derived from the decay of minerals and the initial formation of the Earth. Depending on the characteristics of the energy, it can be used for heating or cooling purposes. The energy can be harnessed for electricity generation as well. However, high-temperature resources are located closer to tectonically active regions for power generation.

The consumption of geothermal energy dates back to prehistoric times when hot waterbeds were used for bathing and heating purposes. It is a highly sustainable and reliable form of energy; regardless of limited tectonic plate boundaries. The energy is also considered to be eco-friendly as it emits the least amount of greenhouse gases.

This renewable source of energy generates a significant amount of electricity in most of the world especially in countries like El Salvador, Philippines, Iceland, Kenya, and New Zealand.

Why Choose METCO's Geothermal Heating and Cooling System?

The United States is one of the leading countries in generating electricity from geothermal energy. Approximately 16 billion kWh energy was produced from geothermal power plants in 2017 alone. Multiple geothermal power plants have been set up in 7 different states. METCO uses three different geothermal technologies to harness Earth's heat as per circumstances:

Direct Use

Areas having hot water springs and geothermal reservoirs near the Earth's surface are a suitable site for direct use. In ancient times, these waterbeds were used for bathing, cooking and heating. Even today, they are considered to be the most exotic sites for bathing as the mineral rich water is believed to have natural healing power. District heating systems are set at such locations due to which hot water is piped to heat homes and office buildings. The heat from the water is transferred through heat exchanger to building's heating system whereas the water is pumped back to the reservoir for reheat and reuse. The industrial application of geothermal energy includes pasteurizing milk, mining gold and dehydrating food such as fruits and vegetables.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

The underground heat energy is derived using geothermal heat pumps. Few feet below the earth surface, the temperature of soil or water remains constant at around 50-60 degree fahrenheit. The fluid is circulated in a series of pipes called loops and from which heat is derived using compressor or heat exchanger. This heat is then sent all throughout the building via a duct system. During summers the process is reversed; the heat is drawn out of the building and thrown out where earth surface and waterbeds absorb it.

Geothermal Power Plants

Hot water and steam from deep beneath the Earth's surface is piped through wells to generate electricity. There are four different types of geothermal plants:

Dry Steam Plants: Hot steam is piped from geothermal reservoirs directly to the turbine to spin generators for electricity production

Flash Steam Plants: High-pressure hot water is circulated to produce heat. The water is vaporized as the pressure drops down to spin turbines for generating electricity. The remaining water is then sent back to the reservoir through injecting wells.

Binary Cycle Plants: Moderately hot water is piped through a heat exchanger where heat is converted into a liquid such as isobutene. Then this fluid is turned into steam to spin turbines for electricity generation.

Flash-Binary Combined Plants: It combines the technologies of binary and flash steam power plants. Water is vaporized under reduced pressure to generate electricity, and the low-pressure steam is condensed back in a binary system.

Benefits of geothermal energy


Geothermal energy is considered to be one of the most reliable renewable sources of energy as an unlimited amount of heat is present in Earth in the form of magma.


No fossil fuels are burnt when converting geothermal energy into electricity. The amount of pollutants emitted during the process is negligible.


Geothermal energy is quite inexpensive as it cost almost 80% less than any conventional form of energy. Also, the maintenance cost of geothermal energy plants is very low.

Steady Baseload

Geothermal energy provides a steady flow of electricity during peak hours as well as base hours thus making it highly reliable.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO is one of the leading engineering companies known for its highly cost-effective and technologically advanced solutions. The company has served the energy sector by providing sustainable renewable energy generation systems. Its geothermal technology offer efficient and clean energy suitable for industrial as well as residential purposes. We have been serving multiple clients belonging to various public and private sectors that have given us the expertise to work on large-scale as well as for small setups.

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