Kiest Recreation Center Energy Upgrades

Making Dallas Parks Eco Friendlier
Providing renewable back up power to the Kiest Recreation Center
PV system, Rooftop arrangement
Installing Solar PV panels that fulfill the supplemental energy requirement saving an annual cost of $14,929

Demand for Renewable Energy

In 1876, the Kiest park was established on a mere 10 acres of land. From there, the center only continued to develop and expand. 14 decades later, the Kiest Recreation Center prides itself in providing one of the best recreational services to the residents of Dallas running a total of 32 facilities. These facilities demand a 24/7 electrical supply. One of the most cost-effective and long-lasting ways to fulfill these demands is to use renewable energy. For this, the Kiest Recreation Center partnered up with METCO to install Solar Photovoltaic systems that would overcome the power deficiency and provide supplemental energy.

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  • Location Dallas, Texas
  • ServicesGeneral Contracting & Engineering

Resolving the Backup Energy Demands

METCO engineering services set up a 90.1 kW Photovoltaic System that was fired up by 324 solar panels installed on site on the roof of the center. The PV system is directly linked to the transmission grid with an AC system and did not have any generator or battery for standby. This was decided to avoid the extra energy consumption required to charge the battery. The system delivered 50% of the center’s backup energy while the rest was powered up by the transmission grid.

  • Construction Cost$275,000
  • Annual Cost Savings 14,929$
  • Electricity Savings 124,123 kWh/yr
  • Simple Payback23 yrs
Business Case

Setting up the Photovoltaic System at the Center

Kiest Recreation Center provides a range of facilities including aquatic, athletic, fitness, golf and preservative centers that need to be kept running 24/7. The PV system was installed at the Kiest Center after a thorough screening of the site to assess its capability for housing 324 solar panels. Photovoltaic systems would require sufficient sunlight throughout the day to work. The rooftop arrangement of the system enabled it to accumulate equal amount of energy and level of AC as the mains. In order to attain maximum energy efficiency, the orientation of all the components was planned strategically. The components included string wiring, solar panels, electrical drawings, roof structural support, ballasted racking system, string grounding, disconnects, modules, surge protection and combiner box and meters.

By 2017, METCO was able to successfully install the PV system keeping all the protocols and safety regulations in mind.

Benefits of Choosing METCO


Pioneers of the Industry

METCO offers the best crew of certified and trained professionals. Our versatile engineers have consistently proven their expertise through successful implementation of design variations. Along with the park’s regulations and protocols, the aesthetic value was kept in mind while installing the PV system. The system yielded 90.1 kW of electricity enabling Kiest Center to save 124,123 kWh of power and $14,929 of cost annually. The regulations on grounding and overcurrent protection,electrical requirements, conduits, and sizing were carefully followed. Kiest Recreation Center is now more eco-friendly and welcoming for the residents of Dallas.

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