City of Dallas Park and Recreation ESPC

Optimizing Energy Performance in one of the biggest Park Systems in U.S
High performance, energy efficient facilities in the City of Dallas Park and Recreation
Energy efficient systems, Solar PV modules, Lighting, HVAC Upgrades, Power correction, Smart control systems, Continuous Commissioning
METCO's sustainable solutions leads the City of Dallas Park and Recreation to an annual cost saving of $xyx

Transforming the City of Dallas Parks and Recreation

METCO partnered with the City of Dallas for major modifications in its various compounds. With 43 recreation centres in the Dallas Park and Recreation department, the main purpose is to promote health and general wellbeing of their residents in the community. Improved air quality, comfort, reduced non-renewable energy sources, less carbon footprint, more green spaces and energy-efficient buildings are some of the goals being targeted by the City of Dallas Park and Recreation department.

METCO optimized their power consumption by upgrading HVAC systems and installing solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays to share the electricity load. Other electrical upgrades and control measures were taken to ensure buildings are functioning optimally.

  • Industry Government
  • Location Dallas, Texas
  • ServicesGeneral contracting and engineering

ESPC- A win-win solution by METCO

Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) is a financing solution that enables federal institutions to take advantage of energy improvements and structural upgrades without paying capital or upfront charges. METCO offers several perks under its ESPC umbrella by completing projects that pay for themselves. The City of Dallas Parks and Recreation entered into such a contract with METCO to utilize its multiple-tiered benefits related to reliable and efficient performance of power systems.

  • Construction Cost $6.5 Million
  • Annual Cost Savings $
  • Electricity Savings-
  • Simple Payback (years) -
Business Case

Next Generation Setup that Guarantees Savings

Under its energy savings contract, METCO took care of the following domains:

1. Energy efficient systems
2. Solar PV modules
3. Lighting
4. HVAC Upgrades
5. Power correction
6. Smart control systems
7. Continuous Commissioning

HVAC modifications are necessary to reduce energy consumption and to improve air quality and overall comfort of the building. Instant reduction in utility bills is observed when lighting voltage is corrected. This also cuts down on maintenance costs. More cost-savings were fuelled by new lighting controls.

With a recreation division as large as the City of Dallas Parks and Recreation, installation of renewable energy sources is mandatory to mitigate power consumption and load on the main electricity grid. Solar PV arrays were therefore setup at various locations to contribute to electricity generation and to cut-off electricity expenditure on bills.

METCO’s unique ESPC also takes Continuous Commissioning into account. This is an ongoing process that ensures facilities are at peak performance and resolves operating faults and in the system via a cloud-based software. This means there is a check and balance mechanism at play for power optimization and to keep all systems running efficiently without power wastage.

Benefits of Choosing METCO


Tech Wizards at Work

METCO supports a sustainable future of renewable energy. We believe in innovation and staying abreast of technology. Hence, all our solutions are unique to clients with industry leading standards backed by cutting edge research.

Our extensive project for the City of Dallas Park and Recreation allows a huge saving of $xyz by reducing xyz kWhr/yr of electricity annually. The ESPC contract allows the department to save big on capital investments while also allowing it to take maximum benefit from technology upgrades made throughout the parks and recreation network.

Catering to multiple departments across the City, METCO successfully optimized all facilities that resulted in a performance boost without trade-offs. Our trained engineers managed to troubleshoot all operating faults thereby contributing towards a greener society powered by sustainable energy.

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