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Over the years, METCO has saved business owners from costly repairs by providing technologically advanced remodels and maintenance work, and equipment testing. Forgoing traditional methods of troubleshooting complex machinery, METCO utilizes industry standard tools and software to identify faults to reduce high direct costs.

METCO’s Specialized Services

Bearing replacements/Shaft repairs

A damaged bearing normally indicates a defected shafted too and both require immediate attention. This leads to expensive direct and miscellaneous costs associated with taking the machine apart and transporting the faulty components to the workshop. Machine failure also means loss in production hours and consequently business downtime. This is why METCO performs these replacements and repairs onsite using special tools that detect faults in the shaft and bearings and our trained technical workers finish the job based on engineering drawings and material specifications without disassembling the equipment.

Air Compressor/Vacuum pump maintenance

For large scale facilities that operate complex machinery, METCO implements its preventive maintenance program to ensure problems are identified before they lead to failure and also to prevent system downtime. For longevity of air compressors and its peripherals METCO schedules routine checks to ascertain that the equipment is functioning in optimal condition. This also enhances the efficiency and overall life of the air compressor and prevents expensive repairs. Following parts are inspected and serviced as per the maintenance schedule: •Air filter •Oil filter •Belts •Lubricant •Motor bearings •Intake vents •Miscellaneous components

Pump rebuilds/overhauls and replacements

METCO performs pump refurbishment services onsite that includes professional grade repairs and overhauls. Our pump specialists have encountered and solved numerous challenging issues that occur in industrial pumping equipment. We have the expertise to re-engineer pumps in case original spare parts are unavailable in the market. We utilize laser techniques for precision alignment of our manufactured pumps and new parts in your existing equipment. This ensures longer life, low wear-and-tear and increased efficiency of the

IAQ Testing

METCO performs Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing of buildings as per EPA guidelines. For improved health and hygiene, it is necessary for indoor air to be free of pollutants, mold spores and carcinogens that impact the quality of life of the building’s occupants. Building owners are advised to test the indoor air prior to occupancy and furniture installation.

Air balancing

To optimize the performance of HVAC systems, METCO carries out air balancing procedure that tests if the outputs are consistent across all building areas and if indoor temperature is comfortable. Imbalance in air is the main reason behind excess energy consumption and METCO ensures that air balance is efficient for the HVAC system to function smoothly.

Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic balancing is a means of rotating parts in a machine and measuring the imbalances via electronic equipment. Correcting these imbalances is necessary before they lead to a major equipment failure. METCO is equipped with the tools to perform dynamic balancing on complex machines to reduce vibrations and high levels of noise that shorten the lifespan of the components.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO’s technical staff guarantees availability 24/7 to respond to emergency repairs and routine maintenance. We have trained professionals to perform workshop quality repairs onsite that saves significant amount of time, transportation and direct costs and consequently prevents business downtime. We use simulations and engineering drawings prior to construction and remodels that leads to expedited work delivery within time and budget and mitigates unnecessary expenditure that occurs in conventional engineering methods.

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