EPA Portfolio Manager Assessment

METCO offers energy efficient solutions and assists institutions and commercial buildings in conserving energy and water resources. Through its in-depth analysis of Portfolio Manager Assessment tool, the building’s energy performance can be monitored for improved results.

What is EPA Portfolio
Manager Assessment?

EPA Portfolio Manager Assessment is an online tool used to measure and track the consumption of energy and water in a building. This tool also gauges greenhouse gas emission to ensure the building is environmentally safe. The United States Environmental Protection Agency certifies it as a credible and secure online benchmarking tool.

Why Choose METCO for EPA Portfolio Manager Assessment?

METCO efficiently gauges EPA Portfolio Manager Assessment tool to save costs and reduce bills by indicating excess energy usage. It can also identify low-performance devices and suggest improvements required for energy-efficiency solutions. Using this tool provides a number of benefits, few of which are:

1. Determine the energy score and consumption by each utility ranked through Survey of
Commercial and Institutional Energy Use.
2. Identify and prioritize investment avenues.
3. Set energy consumption baseline and goals for improved efficiency level.
4. Track the cost and expected savings through improving energy and water resources.
5. Receive impartial assessment report that compares the score with similar buildings while
taking climate conditions and business activities into consideration.
6. Updated performance metrics based on the most recent available data for fair competition.

Benefits of EPA Portfolio
Manager Assessment

Improved Performance

By identifying under-performing items, EPA Portfolio Manager Assessment guarantees to enhance energy efficiency level.

Customized Energy Goals

The updated metric system and daily energy score allows a building to set goals for energy and cost savings.

Benchmark the building

Constant monitoring of a building’s performance and comparison with peer buildings countrywide promotes healthy competition for energy saving.

Anticipate Future Consumption

Setting up energy conservation goals and working towards achieving them helps you to predict future consumption of electricity and water in the building.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO offers thorough analysis of EPA Portfolio Manager Assessment tool designed to map and evaluate the building’s energy performance. METCO provides electronic data feed which directly transfers the portfolio data to EPA Portfolio Manager Assessment tool while ensuring data integrity. Once the building’s data is benchmarked, then METCO’s efficient team of engineering assists in getting building’s energy consumption data rated on Energy Star. This aids in onsite verification of your data that is digitally operated without the need of manual functionality.

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