Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement helps you find highly competent energy suppliers with the budget to meet your sustainability goals. METCO assists you in devising effective energy contracts to maximize available opportunities and mitigate market risks.

What is Energy Procurement?

Energy Procurement refers to the identification of the most suitable electric and gas suppliers to meet varying business needs. The best recommendation is made based on the company’s budget, sustainability plans, renewable resources, and future goals.

However, drafting the right energy contract is often complicated and stressful as the energy sector is highly volatile. Different energy suppliers with varying tariff rates make energy procurement harder for businesses and individuals.

How does METCO help you in Energy Procurement?

METCO provides electricity rates and plans on both the residential and commercial levels to tap into potential opportunities available in the deregulated energy market. Our experienced energy consultants offer the following services:

1. First, we compare the rates of the top, local energy suppliers of the area to develop a customized energy contract and a comprehensive risk management strategy.

2. Then, we continuously monitor energy procurement plans in the ever-changing energy market for favorable rates and cost-saving strategies.

3. Lastly, we provide data and insights into energy costs, market intelligence, and contract status to help clients make informed and timely decisions.

METCO aims to provide the most economical energy consumption contract while controlling the variables, such as energy consumption and market rates, that could affect the total price. To design the most suitable energy procurement contract, we also consider other underlying factors such as wholesale market price, power generation, and delivery. Our procurement process includes the following steps:

1. Choosing the right energy supplier
2. Reviewing the source
3. RFP processes
4. Designing negotiation and energy contract
5. Build a follow-up on the current procurement plan
6. Monitor market shifts for further decisions
7. Developing data analysis and energy management reports

Benefits of Energy Procurement

Increased Profitability

Energy cost savings substantially increase the business’s profitability. The savings allow companies to utilize the budget in a better way as more funds are available for investing.

Value for money

The price paid on utility bills will come down as excellent energy rates will be fixed. Consumers can even have access to green energy within their budget.

Improved operational cost

Predicting threats and opportunities in the highly volatile energy market allows you to manage operational cost as well as market position efficiently.

Access to the deregulated market

Sourcing energy contract helps you find numerous energy suppliers in the market with various price range and incentives to meet your budget and future goals.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO is a leading Energy Consulting Company with experience spanning around a decade. Our professional consultants can advise you on where to buy and how to use energy at the lowest rate. Whether you use 100 kWh energy or 1 million, we offer customized energy procurement and management plans for enhanced performance at cost-effective rates. We proactively identify new energy avenues and cost-saving opportunities as the market grows.

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