Water Resource Management

Water is a basic necessity of life and METCO aims to make it accessible for all through its water management plans. The company resolves key challenges of water shortage to ensure a sustainable future.

Importance of Water Resource Management

It is imperative to maintain the balance between the consumption and supply of water for effective resource management across the globe. However, now it is difficult to meet the increasing demand for water due to rise in population, irrigation, and change in climatic conditions.

Water management comprises of a wide range of disciplines including assessment of water demand for drinking and irrigation purposes, mapping groundwater, water cycle, river water management, and dams and canals storage capacity management.

METCO’s Water Resource Management

METCO holds years of experience in water resource efficiency management for multiple local and national water supply companies, government organizations and municipalities. The engineers hold the expertise to implement efficient water resource management for a sustainable future.
The company carries out multiple, diverse approaches to target key challenges of efficient water management such as shortage of water supply, urbanization, and industrialization, drying of water bodies and other climatic hazards. But through proper planning and intelligent scheming, METCO offers:

1. Safe Drinking Water

Chronic water scarcity and rapid population growth have led to an increasing demand for safe drinking water. Managing water resources, especially surface water, has become a global concern. Above-ground water bodies are the primary source of drinking water that needs to be protected. METCO, through its management programs, ensure even water distribution and top-quality, safe drinking water. It also aims to reduce reliance on underground water bodies to prevent salinity and droughts. The company also sets wastewater treatment plants to reuse water as a new and additional source of water supply for a sustainable future.

2. Prevention of Water Scarcity

Global climatic change and excess water extraction have increased the severity of floods and droughts. This, in turn, is affecting the quality and quantity of ground and surface water making it highly important to manage water resources efficiently for future use. METCO offers sound and viable strategies such as groundwater replenishment for climate adaptation and flood management.

3. Reduction of Water Consumption in Agriculture

The agriculture sector devours almost 70% of the total consumption in the world. As the groundwater is depleting, food production is also getting affected. METCO aims to make modern agriculture less water-reliant through agroforestry, wetland preservation and maintaining a balance between food, energy and water cycle.

4. Lessen Water Wastage at homes

METCO installs low flow taps and other devices to prevent wastage of water and reduce bills. These devices also lessen the consumption of hot water which in turn also decrease the use of energy. Also, the company installs new and upgraded water meters and pipes for controlled water distribution and lower water bills.

Benefits of Choosing METCO

Access to clean water

With high-quality water purifier plants, get instant clean and safe drinking water.


Effective water resource management plans ensure water conservation and sustainable development for future generations.

Reduce wastage

Water treatments plants make sure no water gets wasted and new, additional sources are created..

Lower Bills

Using water conserving devices reduces excess consumption and wastage of water which in turn lower water bills.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO is a group of reputed MEP consultants having more than a decade numerous years of experience in the field of engineering, construction, and energy generation. Our expert advisors hold open discussions with the client to identify key working areas and critical design requirements to enhance the performance of building equipment. Cost-effective and value-added MEP systems are installed to extend the lifespan of a building.

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