Sustainable Healthcare for a Healthier Society
Did someone say quality healthcare? A quality, comfortable and high-tech environment in healthcare facilities improves patient satisfaction and wellbeing. METCO makes this possible for you with its top-notch energy and construction services.

Accessible Upgraded Healthcare

As one of the most sustainable and rapidly advancing industry, healthcare facilities require constant maintenance and upgrades. We, at METCO, help doctors create a healthy, nurturing atmosphere to provide quality healthcare to patients. By strategically integrating technology, we make your healthcare facilities more patient-friendly and approachable.

Our top-notch technical expertise and knowledge in managing medical equipment guarantee patient satisfaction and wellbeing using the existing services. We aim to Improve the patient environment by delivering without compromise and maintaining optimum performance. The hospital’s or clinic’s services, timing, and technology are always considered while designing and planning a precise system to execute projects in the site. Our careful coordination and efficiency of resources result in exponential savings for our clients.

METCO takes a practical approach and understands the importance of budget limitations. We design the best state-of-the-art, sustainable facilities using innovative, budget-friendly solutions. Hence maximize efficiency by guiding, educating and imparting our expert knowledge of the developed system tailored specifically for their facilities and needs to our clients.

Tailored Services for the Hospitals

METCO strives to serve the health industry with customized services designed especially for it. We believe in maximizing existing resources and providing efficient services and solutions to the doctors to help patients better. As the largest and the most sustainable growing industry in the world, healthcare requires a stable and uninterrupted supply of energy.

Increasing Hospital Equipment Efficiency

If used efficiently, a lot of equipment in the hospital including safety controls, air circulation system or temperature- can save so much. Our experts can estimate the optimal timing for powering on the system based on the hospital’s surgery schedules resulting in a cleaner atmosphere inside the facility. Humidity and temperature control are also essential factors for a clean and healthy environment. Therefore, we give priority to monitor and maintain a smooth and upgraded HVAC system that performs outstandingly.

Database and Workflow

Digitalizing Database METCO helps healthcare professionals maintain a secure and sustainable database of patient profiles without the hassle of conventional paperwork. We provide an accurate and tailored software system that reduces paperwork and increases information accessibility amongst healthcare professionals while simultaneously improving safety. Accelerating Workflow We focus on maximizing healthcare by providing healthcare professionals a specialized software to execute the best placements. By simplifying documentation of surgical events and assessment of operating room conditions and situations, the software helps doctors increase proficiency. This improved clinical workflow has proven to be an excellent practical solution in keeping up with the fast-paced work environment of the hospital where every second is critical to saving a person’s life.

Patient-Friendly Design for an Enhanced Experience

We tailor installations that meet the needs without compromising on healthcare professionals’ and patients’ comfort and safety. By building patient-friendly room and bathrooms that are highly ergonomic, we have successfully minimized the risk of patient injury and accidents. Security is further fortified by installing fire-alarms, buzzers and maintaining standards and continuous commissioning.

Holistic Healing through Efficient Healthcare

METCO Engineering Projects