Building Control Systems

METCO offers a comprehensive, centralized Building Automation System (BAS) that manages and controls electrical and electro-mechanical components in a facility. These may include heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, fire alarms, detectors, sensors, elevators, lights or anything that is automated.

BAS Services by METCO

METCO boasts an extensive portfolio of implementing BAS tailored to meet each building’s unique needs. The range of services covered by the firm’s certified engineers include:
System retrofit and upgrades

METCO deploys flexible but robust BAS across facilities that allows updates in the coming years. The firm also offers modern technology integration into existing structures.

Remote access and monitoring

In cases of system failure or downtime, remote access enables the administrator or authorized users to troubleshoot problems and monitor system performance from any location in the world.

Critical alarming

Critical alarming is a part of BAS that triggers a notification when it detects a problem. This is an important feature that prevents major issues on timely resolution.

Controls training

METCO provides hands-on BAS training to clients to familiarise them with the system and controls.

Why Choose METCO’s Building Control Systems?

METCO has a proven track record of significantly optimizing energy management and reducing utility costs by deploying intelligent control systems across the building. METCO offers advanced BAS system that is based on open communication protocols. This means that the system is open for next generation of upgrades in later years and can be integrated with multiple vendors. Remote access is also possible that ensures resolution of conflicts and system errors online. BAS services offered by METCO ensure maximum building comfort and are code compliant.

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