Construction Management

Construction management is intricate and includes a number of highly skilled processes from inception to completion. METCO understands the importance of managing and negotiating with a number of sub-contractors working on a project and balancing the needs of cost, scope and schedule for successful project execution.

What is Construction Management?

Construction management is the overall management of any construction site. The process ensures that a project is being completed in accordance with safety codes without any city ordinance violation.

The process of construction management

The project owner invites contractors, general contractors, or subcontractors to solicit bids. The bid includes a cost estimate from blueprints and material take-offs, and the contractors propose the amount at which they will offer their services to complete the project.
There are two kinds of bids:

  • 1. The contractor proposes a design tailored according to the project’s scope and the client's needs
  • 2. The closed bid: In this, the owner selects a group of contractors they wish to invite in their bids.

The contractor’s selection focuses on the amount of criteria e.g. the best value selection, lowest bid and qualification. The best value selection includes the price of the bid and qualifications of the contractor.
In the next step, a payment agreement is negotiated. The contract can either be lump-sum where the owner pays the full amount for the work irrespective of the end-result or if the final bill surpasses the initial quoted price or it can be cost-plus-fee payment where the total cost of the project and a percentage of the total cost must be paid by the owner. If the contractor and owner disagree on the cost, the owner shall pay a certain amount at each stage of the project which is known as the unit price.

Benefits of LEED Consultation


It reduces the overall project cost through the competitive bidding where the owner can award the contract to the lowest bidder. It also saves timе and any unnecessary or duplicate costs are removed from the process.

Quality Control

The construction managers have technical expertise so they can apply resources where needed and maintain quality control.

Market Expertise and Insight

Market expertise and insight is crucial for a successful project and construction management accelerates this process. Construction management provides a collaborative environment that allows experts to share their insight with the team. Coupled with an automatically updating software, construction management is a powerful tool for smooth and optimal project management.

Focused POC

The project manager is the axis to which each team member and management report regardless of how large scale the project is. With a one point of contact strategy, a smooth execution of correspondence and tracking of progress using a construction management software is achieved. The same information can be forwarded to the clients.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO has a vast experience in construction management and has successfully implemented several construction projects by designing calculated strategies and insight. METCO works with a number of sub-contractors and has considerable experience in dealing with the sub-contractors for the successful implementation of project within schedule. METCO overlooks each construction project with the utmost attention and care following very specific safety guidelines determined by on the state level.

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