METCO Enters In Relationship With GSA

GSA, an acronym for General Services Administration, is an independent U.S. government agency that establishes government-wide Schedule contracts with commercial firms. METCO holds a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract (Schedule 84) to support federal energy managers with a full range of energy services.


GSA Schedules are special-purpose contracts to help businesses improve their commercial buying and selling practices and gain an edge over their competition. Schedule 84 functions as a premier contract vehicle for the federal government.

The goal of this contract is to offer sustainable world-class facilities to federal workers. It provides all types of watercraft, equipment, and services for all law enforcement, prevention, protection, apprehension, or investigation needs.


A GSA facilitates federal employees in purchasing solutions for law enforcement and security. It contains pre-negotiated terms and conditions to streamline the process and reduce the time and costs incurred.

Holding a GSA Schedule 84 enables METCO to participate in the following Special Item Numbers (SINs) for 50 states of Washington, D.C.:

  • 246-01 Smart Buildings Systems Integrator
  • 246-1000 Ancillary Supplies or Services
  • 246-42 1 Facility Management Systems
  • 246-51 Installation of Security/Facility Management Systems Requiring Construction
  • 246-52 Professional Services Security/Facility Management Services
  • 246-53 Facility Management and Energy Solutions: Alternative Financing / ESPC

Please note that the SINs mentioned above are assigned a “Maximum Order Threshold” (MOT). This includes the negotiated discounts and Industrial Funding Fees (IFF). However, an additional .5% volume discount will be applied for orders with 10+ Units.


Pre-Negotiated Pricing

GSA contract awards last for 5 years with three contract renewal options at pre-scheduled pricing. This allows you to market and sell to the government just like selling commercially!

Centralized Procurement

Partnership with GSA helps us ensure procurement compliance and give you the best value for most products, services, and solutions.

Pre-Loss Plans

GSA Schedule awards develop personalized recovery plans that are less susceptible to economic downturns.

Financial Fitness

Schedule 84 offers an ordering cycle that can be leveraged to maximize the business profit.

Why Choose METCO?

Unprecedented Level of Service

Being a GSA Schedule 84 holder, METCO has been able to provide you with an approval stamp so you can legitimately sell to the federal government. This ultimately simplifies the complex government deals and reduces the time and costs involved in the merchandise.

METCO’s professional team integrates cutting edge technologies to offer high standards of competency and ethical conduct. Our commitment to improving energy efficiency and environmental sustainability carries over into new projects and contracts. We ensure that you always get the best contract for your business needs and stay ahead of the competition.

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