REC Certification and

Purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) can help organizations support the renewable energy market while offsetting their energy usage. METCO helps organizations move towards sustainability through their Consultancy services and issuance of proof of purchase certificate to confirm ownership of environmental attributes.

What is Renewable
Energy Certificate?

The REC’s prove that energy has been generated from renewable sources. At least 1 MWh of electricity needs to be generated from a renewable source. The REC represents the source of the electricity produced and the environmental attributes connected with it which can be traded, bartered or sold. RECs are meant to keep track of the ownership of environment and social benefits of the renewable energy because one the electricity is supplied to the grid, it is impossible to distinguish the source.

The Process of REC Certification

A renewable energy facility which generates electricity on a commercial basis i.e. provides electricity to the national grid can be issued a renewable energy certificate (or credit) for every 1 MWh of electricity produced. This is usually done by a designated agency which certifies the production and issues a number for each certificate. Once the electricity is transmitted to the electricity grid, this certificate can be sold by the owner of the renewable energy facility to any third party as a means of generating revenue stream.
The interested parties (customers) are invited to provide their specific requirements regarding the REC during the procurement process. After these requirements have been acquired, the terms and conditions are issued as part of the competitive procurement. Any interested party must agree to these terms and conditions. Offers received against the solicitation are evaluated to ensure all customer requirements are met after which the certificates are awarded.

Benefits of REC Certification

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

Business owners can offset their energy use by investing in these certificates thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

Promotes Renewable Energy Market

The developers of the renewable energy market receive a revenue stream through RECs which helps in supporting the renewable energy market

Cost-Effective Replacement to Fossil fuels

It reduces the company’s reliance on fossil fuels even if they cannot invest in the installation of renewable energy sources themselves. The company can buy renewable electricity without installing solar panels at the facility which could be costly.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO is a reliable partner for businesses in facilitation of trade in REC Certification. Our REC services provide tailored designs for your energy savings. The team of professionals at METCO will guide you if you wish to invest in REC and determining the percentage of energy usage your business can offset.

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