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METCO is at the forefront of delivering the most effective design and construction services to its clients. Design-Build (DB) is a project delivery system considered to be the future of construction. DB has evolved as a new trend, being utilized by state governments, famous chain restaurants and hotel developers alike, as it is cost effective, time efficient and offers a singular point of responsibility for the client.

What is Design Build?

Design-Build, an alternative to Design-Bid-Build, addresses all aspects of a specific project from concept design and inception to completion. Design-Build is also known as single-source responsibility, as there is a single contract between the design-build team and the client to provide construction and design services.
Across the globe, Design-Build systems successfully deliver various projects such as office buildings, stadiums, water and transport infrastructure projects,. with superior results.
Unlike the traditional Design-Bid-Build contracting approach, the Design-Build method fosters cooperation, brainstorming, creative problem solving and better communication as one integrated team works towards the successful completion of the project. Thus, this approach eliminates any competing agendas, negotiations or divergent opinions that different expert specialists might have. This fundamental difference also helps save money and time.

The Design-build process

The DB process is divided into three phases:

Benefits to the Customer

Significant savings

There are considerable savings regarding costs due to the process being handled by a collaborative team of construction experts, architects and engineers. As different contractors from elsewhere are not required thus costs are significantly reduced.

Decreased risk

The stress of administrative burden is considerably reduced, and so is the customer's risk factor. Rather than focusing on managing different contracts, the customer can focus more on the project itself as the design-build team handles additional risk factors.

Reduced litigation

There is also the added advantage of reduced litigation claims with the design-build delivery process as the owner or the client virtually eliminates any litigation claims by closing warranty gaps.

LEED certification

The design-build process integrated team readily incorporates LEED certification.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO’s primary goal is always to deliver superior results to the client, on time and within the budget. METCO’s team of experienced and skilled professionals act as the clients’ representative to handle all aspects of the project. The design-build model encourages finding effective and efficient ways to achieve formulated goals even when the project is underway. METCO’s experienced team always keeps the clients' design-build project on track to successful completion and passionately pursues the most effective results.

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