Engineering Services for Bachman Recreation Centre

Upgrading to a Sustainable Lifestyle
To achieve maximum energy efficiency at Bachman Recreation Centre
Condenser unit upgrades, Unit control command and BACnet IP
Dehumidifying the Hall of State by renovating the HVAC system and controls allows the hall to preserve 703,259 kWh/yr

Infrastructure Upgrades for Bachman Recreation Center

Being the top go-to center for nearby citizens, Bachman Recreation Centre remains one of the most popular locations in Dallas, TX. Established for 30 years with plenty of citizen memberships, it is highly essential for the center to have a high-quality infrastructure with proper functioning and control upgrades that can control temperatures. To control pool area humidity, installing of pool condensers is highly effective. Pool condensers help to heat pool water and save energy by reducing the burden on the pool water heating system.

Bachman Recreation Centre chose METCO to install pool condenser unit upgrades with outdoor economizer damper. METCO also established a unit control command and BACnet IP to maintain a cost-effective and highly efficient recreation center.

  • Industry Local
  • Location Dallas, Texas
  • ServicesGeneral Contracting and Engineering Services

High-Efficient upgrades for the center

Engineers at METCO reformed energy efficient pool condensers that offers cost-effective dehumidification by helping to maintain the desired pool temperature. Outdoor Economizer Motorized Damper was installed to keep the energy bills low, as it makes the maximum use of outdoor air to provide cooling.

Along with these, unit control command and BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks) IP for BACnet interface were installed for effective communication by making the indoor devices web accessible. BACnet simplifies the building operations and enhances communication, making it highly beneficial for places like the recreation center.
As a result of the BACnet installation, the delivery of commands became smoother.

  • Construction Cost $370,000
  • Annual Cost Savings $35,034
  • Electricity Savings703,259 kWh/yr
  • Simple Payback (years) 5.89 years
Business Case

Energy-efficient Upgrading

Bachman Recreation Centre is a renowned facility providing multiple engaging services to the citizens of Dallas. Being a high activity zone, METCO was presented with the challenge of carrying out the procedures of installing and upgrading safely. Hundreds of members come and spend time within the center each day, installing and upgrading such facility with high-functioning equipment was a challenging task.

METCO’s professional engineers provided unit upgrades for pool condensers for preventing the excess moisture into the pool room. The job included installing outdoor economizer dampers in the recreation center. The placements were done systematically for the maximum temperature benefits. Humidity results in faster growth of moss and bacteria in indoor swimming pools to control this factor economizers are used. The unique approach of installing BACnet IP via a BACnet interface was an efficient update to maintain effective communication by creating a link between all the departments that can be operated from one room s. Such as lighting control, fire detection system etc.

Benefits of Choosing METCO


Reliable services by professional engineers

Our team of certified professional engineers conducted the entire project systematically and effectively. During installation, the specific requirements of the Bachman Recreation Center was followed to the T.

The overall installation lead to an annual cost savings of $35,034 per year and electricity savings of 703,259 kWh per year. METCO delivered sustainable services through reliable and effective services.

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