K-12 Schools

Smart Schools for a Conducive Learning Environment
Students shape the future of society. A secure, effective and productive environment at K-12 schools ensures better learning and ultimately higher success rates for students. METCO offers reliable and world-class K-12 building solutions with integrated security systems, building management and maintenance systems, and environment-friendly infrastructure to improve operational efficiency and energy efficiency of K 12 Schools. METCO believes that cost-effective, yet extensive inclusion of technology in the K-12 schools is the way forward.

METCO’s K-12 School Services

METCO has a seamless collaboration of Energy Experts, Engineers, Architects and Project Management Experts to deliver top-notch building solutions across a wide array of industries. With our K-12 building solutions, we help increase productivity and comfort levels of students and staff by upgrading infrastructure and providing state-of-the-art facilities in line with international standards.
METCO Engineering has a proven record of reducing operating and energy costs, improving indoor air quality and overcoming security concerns to facilitate the owners, students and the staff. Every student deserves a productive learning environment, and we at METCO thrive on playing our part in achieving this goal.
We believe that the owners and the staff need to focus on students instead of thinking about shrinking budgets, reduced efficiency, and aging buildings. According to the stats, the United States spends more than $3 billion on digital content annually, as of 2016, and METCO strives to give our children a better chance of succeeding at life through proper education.

Years of Industry Experience

METCO has undertaken many school projects, helping with the cost reduction and electricity savings and offering greener, safer environment inside and out. From comprehensive planning to repairs, installations and upgrades to different facilities, METCO offers all-inclusive building solutions. Our team of professionals from diverse backgrounds works systematically, making use of cutting-edge technologies to communicate, plan and execute K-12 School projects.

All-in-One Solution For K-12 Schools

From site evaluation to interacting with relevant stakeholders, listening to their requirements, providing equipment, controls, and integration, conforming to industry standards for quality assurance and quality check, METCO Engineering does it all without hiring any external resources. Our highly qualified team assists K-12 school owners in all phases from planning, design, construction, and installation of latest equipment using new technologies, offering you tangible benefits.

Student-Centered Learning Facilities

METCO specializes in developing student-centered learning facilities owing to innovative design practices and well-equipped team of professionals. Whether you want to build a school from scratch or upgrade existing infrastructure, METCO Engineering prides itself in offering sustainable building solutions. We develop comfortable learning spaces to enhance the learning environment for students.

Sustainable & Enabling Environment

A healthy school environment is directly proportional to students’ growth and facilitating student achievement. METCO Engineering employs experts for sustainable development and green solutions to ensure to meet the global challenge of sustainability for environment protection. Our seamless collaborations and industry linkages allow hassle-free and timely project completion. With years of experience in consultation, engineering, energy and construction, and design solutions, METCO Engineering is the preeminent leader of the industry.

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