Profitable Financing Options

With tight budget constraints, managers tend to delay equipment maintenance and upgrades in order to control costs. A funding strategy is inevitable when you have to create energy assets to meet business needs or for an infrastructure upgrade that is long overdue. Most businesses are switching over to renewables, which again requires funding. In such scenarios, it is beneficial to plan ahead by considering viable financing options

Funding Options by METCO

It is up to you where you want your energy assets on the balance sheet - whether you want to own them or outsource them. Depending on your approach to budget and risk tolerance, METCO offers multiple financing solutions for your energy efficiency and sustainability projects.

Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC)

ESPC is a legal partnership between a company (user) and an Energy Services Company (ESCO). The contract allows the company to benefit from energy-efficient upgrades along with a guarantee of optimum performance and controlled price. Notable benefits include:
  • Risk mitigation
  • Cash-flow management
  • Low upfront charges
  • Annual cost savings

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

PACE programs are for residential and commercial property owners, and this funding is specifically for clean energy products. If you want to invest in renewable power such as installation of solar photovoltaic modules, then the PACE program is or you. Property owners get financing for green upgrades and repayment is made through property taxes. Advantages of PACE loans include:
  • Lax eligibility criteria
  • No down payment required, so you can get started with your project immediately
  • 100% financing
  • Long-term loans that make repayment amounts smaller
  • Loan is transferable upon the sale of property

Smart Building Monitoring

Continuous Commissioning (CC) is a data driven solution for troubleshooting operational problems and optimizing energy consumption of buildings. Continuous Commissioning®, CC® and PCC® are registered trademarks of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, a member of the Texas A&M University System, an agency of the State of Texas. The process can be implemented only by qualified, licensed providers, and METCO falls under that category.
Lasting benefits of CC include:
  • Increase in energy efficiency from data collected through on-site visits or gathered from energy management software.
  • Long term financial benefits such as reduced operational costs of energy, water and waste.
When your organization is due for an upgrade or if you have green projects to execute, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation. Our finance specialists can design your funding strategy, allowing you to regain focus on your business operations.

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