Operations & Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) are decisions or actions that help to ensure safety and reliability of equipment, quality and efficiency of the system and help with the upkeep of property.

Effective O&M practices

O&M decisions include, scheduling, work procedures, systems control and optimization for the basic purpose of increasing efficiency, reliability, and safety of the system. O&M also includes routine, preventive, predictive, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work, which is performed to limit equipment failure and prevent decline.
Excellent and effective O&M practices can help to ensure reliability, safety, and energy efficiency in commercial, industrial and municipal organizations. Inadequate maintenance and Ineffective operations of energy systems lead to energy losses from steam, water and air leaks, uninsulated lines and maladjusted controls, which are a significant cause of energy waste.
METCO, being an Independent ESPC, pays proper consideration to O&M as we believe it is critical to the achievement of guaranteed energy savings and maintaining the performance efficiency of the installed energy equipment. Inadequate Operations and Maintenance of energy systems is a significant cause of energy wastage, which can often shorten equipment life-span and affect system reliability.

O&M Benefits offered by METCO:

METCO provides O&M services with a strict focus on customer service and satisfaction. Our O&M services are specifically designed to offer the following benefits:
Help minimize risks and life-cycle costs

Our O&M solutions can result in an increased lifespan of equipment. This in return decreases unscheduled breakdowns and the need of unnecessary equipment maintenance, which results in decreased life-cycle costs. Furthermore, the customer's assets are also protected, response time to disturbances are reduced and risks mitigated effectively.

Enhance plant performance and operation

Our team of highly qualified engineers, managers, Industry professionals and analysts work tirelessly to make the customers plant more efficient. We help increase plant productivity and reliability by ensuring that the correct preventive maintenance work takes place to avoid any equipment unavailability.

Comply with environmental & safety standards & requirements

All services and solutions provided by METCO are environment friendly, follow the correct standards and help reduce Greenhouse gas emissions where possible.

Why Choose METCO?

METCO aims at improving process efficiency, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs as well as prolonging equipment life by 30% to 40%. We believe that proper O&M practices help in maintaining desired energy savings as well as minimizing issues related to unexpected equipment repair or replacement. METCO strives for sound maintenance practices that deliver effective performance. METCO provides complete and integrated O&M solutions with expert personnel to our customers who can help navigate and successfully overcome any obstacles during operations and maintenance work.

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