Flying the Extra Nautical Mile
With 24/7, fast-paced operations on the asphalt, efficiency is a necessity not an option. Tourists, vacationers and business travelers all expect smooth travels with zero delays and the best security at the airport. METCO applies a strategic approach to fulfill all these expectations and more from the control tower to the terminal.

Landing Right on Target

It’s on the airport managers and staff to achieve the difficult feats of managing large human influx and outflux safely and without delays. To carry out such huge responsibilities, it is crucial that the facilities maintain high efficiency and reliability.
METCO delivers the best technology solutions resulting in enhancement of business operations. This process improves passenger security and satisfaction. Our holistic strategy takes up a centralized approach for designing, integrating and maintaining ongoing performance of the systems in the airport facilities. This means that we can produce a greater impact on lifecycle costs and enhance the functional potential of the airports worldwide.
METCO aims to provide the best airport experience to staff and passenger alike by installing advanced technology and integrating reliable systems.

Maintaining the Best Airport Facilities

Ensuring safety while giving the b wholesome travelling experience is every airport management’s priority nowadays. For this a well-integrated security system and a fast-paced passenger boarding system provides the functional requirements for present and future needs. We aim to deliver the bexcellent services and provide a b leading integrated system for the facility including:

High-level Security systems

Nowadays, safety at airports has become a high level concern in most places.A flawed system, leads to difficulty for the airport staff to carry out responsibilities of safely transporting passengers and their luggage. loopholes. METCO assists in accelerating this process and minimizing error by setting an efficient, automated system in place. Advanced algorithms and foolproof security ensure a hassle-free experience. Thorough baggage and body scanning is possible with minimum manual scrutiny.additionally, we install the most b advanced fire alarms systems while following the safety standards.

Passenger-friendly structure

Our team designs state-of-the-art infrastructure to give our travelers a b remarkable travelling experience while being budget-friendly for the Airport. By managing airport equipment like the HVAC, flight displays and escalators our systems deliver the ultimate airport experience for both: the travelers and the management.

Fast-paced traveling solutions

In a setup like airports, timing is everything. METCO focuses on implementing time saving strategies such as our electronic gateways allow smooth communication and workflow.

Budget Friendly Solutions to reduce risk and increase savings.

METCO Engineering Projects