Fire Protection Services

By law, an organization or an institute is obligated to prioritize the safety of its occupants, employees, and visitors by establishing a solid fire protection plan. This is also important to prevent uncontrolled spread of fire, property damage, customer mistrust, and heavy fines to your building in event of a fire emergency. METCO offers robust fire protection services for facilities of any scale that comply strictly with the district’s fire and safety codes.

METCO’s Fire Safety

Along with carrying out preventive maintenance to curb any cause of accidental fire breakout, METCO also installs highly sensitive and responsive sensors to prevent fires from external sources.

Sprinkler confidence testing

Confidence testing involves periodic and regular testing (annually and 5-yearly testing) to ensure optimum working condition of fire prevention components. Sprinklers are prone to corrosion and damage over time and obstructions of foreign material may build up in pipelines, valves, and ducts that may lead to an inadequate water supply. In compliance with NFPA 25, certified METCO professionals perform internal pipe inspection, backflush, and gauges replacement as part of confidence testing.

Pre-action testing

In a preaction sprinkler system, water is not held under pressure in the pipeline but is held back by a pre-action valve under air pressure. This type of sprinkler system is installed where the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, to avoid water freezing in the pipes. If air pressure leaks or disbalances in the pre-action system, the sprinkler will fail to activate in event of a fire crisis. As per NFPA 25, METCO schedules a monthly/quarterly inspection and testing of pre-action sprinkler systems.

Fire extinguisher maintenance

METCO recommends a monthly visual inspection of all classes of fire extinguishers to ensure they are fully charged and operational. Other checks are performed to ascertain that fire extinguisher mountings are as per NFPA standards, the seals and pin are intact and nozzles are unblocked.

System winterization

Sprinkler systems are at risk of failure in colder environments (below 40 F) as cold water can damage and burst the pipelines. METCO offers winterization service that involves necessary precautions to prevent issues associated with freezing.

Fire pump rebuilds/testing certification

The most crucial component of the sprinkler system, a fire pump delivers water at the right pressure to control the flames. METCO offers fire pump maintenance as part of its preventive program that involves rebuilding, testing and certifying the pump improve its delivering capability.

Fire alarm testing and monitoring

METCO schedules regular testing of fire alarms throughout the year to assure fast response and efficient working of sensors in case of a crisis.

Why Choose METCO?

With decades of industrial experience, the staff at METCO is very thorough in detecting system faults and maintenance issues. METCO provides reliable fire protection services that conform to NFPA standards guaranteeing system integrity and improved overall health.

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