District Energy Microgrids

Learn how METCO Engineering implements microgrids as power backup to weather any storm. Literally. Our district energy microgrid models are the backbone of power supply that makes sure all systems are go.

What is a Microgrid?

There is only one singular threat that all businesses face — a blackout. According to Washington Post, businesses in the U.S pay at least $150 billion per year in costs due to power breakdowns. An average U.S power plant is 32% efficient and is located miles away from the city. The solution to power outages would ideally be an autonomous power source that is onsite and has greater efficiency.

A microgrid is an independent energy system that is custom designed to meet the energy needs of a group of buildings. Microgrids can generate electricity, cooling/ heating, distribute generated electricity and manage power consumption. Integrate these systems with renewables like solarpower and you have a cost-effective, clean, efficient and sustainable energy system.


How do Microgrids work?

METCO Engineering builds microgrids that are specifically tailored to meet the energy needs of organizations. Our microgrids incorporate a suite of distributed energy resources, including energy conservation and storage, and advanced optimization algorithms. The efficient electricity generation and management technologies in microgrids result in reduced electricity costs and low peak loads on the traditional electric grid.
Microgrids operate with traditional power grids and can connect and disconnect from the main line as needed. This process enables safe and reliable power, heating and cooling to customers.


Uninterrupted Energy Supply

In events like power outages, hurricanes, and storms, microgrids continue to provide energy to its connected users.

Economically Viable

Less electricity bills mean that you can invest your money back into your business.

More resilient

Integrating various sources of energy enables microgrids to deliver more advanced power quality and serve as reliable backups.

Generate Revenue

Companies can generate revenue by selling the produced electricity and services back to the main grid.

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