Overview of Duro Felguera

Duro Felguera (DF), a Spanish industrial giant with headquarters in Gijon, has over 160 years of expertise in turnkey projects related to energy and manufacturing sectors. Since turnkey projects entail all aspects of construction, design and engineering, DF is involved in management, operation, construction, start-up, assembly and maintenance of power generation plants. Other areas of specializati

DF-METCO Partnership

METCO Engineering and Duro Felguera have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for resilient and energy efficient projects in the U.S. combining their resources, experiences and unique skill-sets. This joint venture is a leap forward in implementing sustainable energy solutions across the United States, particularly in Texas.

The agreement was made to contract over $200-500 million U.S. dollars per year. In order to achieve this goal, a pipeline of power generation projects have been selected for private and government bodies that meet the work capacities of both the companies. A joint workforce has been created to follow up and bid on the projects.

The partnership is also an attempt for DF to relaunch its business plan in the market and take its due place with the technology giants. By undertaking projects together, both parties are exploring new frontiers of collaboration and innovation.

Benefits of this Partnership

“ This joint venture is a great example of our use of strategic partnership to accelerate our market penetration and mitigate risk. We are excited to work together and utilize their EPC skill-set.”
Garet Lee McInroe, Lead Project Manager at Metco

The METCO-DF partnership is the stepping stone towards solving energy problems in the U.S. Identifying the high demand for resilient and sustainable energy, the partnership aims to provide cutting-edge solutions.

The advantages of such a power-pact are numerous, including but not limited to:

  • Shared resources, expertise and skills
  • Better returns and revenue
  • Lower operational risk profile in the market
  • Technological advances

METCO and Duro Felguera have strengthened their market positions by this strategic partnership that promises to address energy problems across different states of the U.S.