Overview of Texas AirSystems

Texas AirSystems (TAS), a leading HVAC Equipment and Solutions Provider in Texas, is one of the fastest growing companies that represents more than 30 manufacturers. Operating since 1978, TAS specializes in Commercial HVAC equipment, HVAC parts, HVAC equipment rentals, HVAC controls, HVAC service, building evaluations, HVAC equipment retrofits, cooling tower refurbishments, water treatment services.

Voted as #5 Best Place to Work in Dallas, Texas AirSystems has a proven track record of consistent performance and is known for employing only the best in the field. TAS offers advanced systems designed to suit client specifications and building requirements. They also offer technical expertise in design, construction, and operations of mechanical systems in buildings.

TAS-METCO Partnership

METCO Engineering and Texas AirSystems have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for implementation of energy efficient solutions and installation of high-end HVAC systems across Texas. This joint venture aims to solve the energy crisis and high electricity consumption issues that stem from low-grade HVAC installations.

The agreement will help to further expand the umbrella of solutions that METCO provides under its HVAC domain. It will also enable TAS to gain more market share working alongside METCO. METCO will utilize this deal to acquire expert electrical and mechanical services from TAS regarding HVAC systems and retrofits.

This partnership seeks to improve indoor comfort and air quality of buildings and to meet clients’ energy sustainability goals by implementing reliable and cost-effective methods.

Benefits of this Partnership

METCO and Texas AirSystems share the same vision of work excellence and exceptional customer service to clients.
“ Partnering with Texas AirSystems is a step in the right direction. HVAC systems consume the most energy in commercial buildings so it is necessary to exercise great caution in their configuration. The expertise of Texas AirSystems will prove to be invaluable.”
Garet Lee McInroe, Lead Project Manager at Metco

The METCO-TAS partnership is a step forward in building performance issues in the U.S. To meet the rising demand for resilient and sustainable HVAC upgrades, this partnership aims to provide cutting-edge solutions.

The advantages of such a power-pact are numerous, including but not limited to:

  • Shared resources, expertise and skills
  • Profitability with lower construction and maintenance costs
  • Business growth and expansion
  • Technological advances

METCO and Duro Felguera have strengthened their market positions by this strategic partnership that promises to address energy problems across different states of the U.S.