Deep Energy Retrofits

METCO offers reliable services for uninterrupted power generation that is cost-effective and eco-friendly. Through skilled craftsmanship and years of experience, we successfully provide durable Central Plant Upgrades to meet increasing energy demands.

What is Deep Energy Retrofit?

Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) is a kind of renovation to existing homes and buildings for the reduction in energy consumption. The overhaul results in 50%-90% of energy savings if most of the energy loads such as air conditioning, hot water supply, lighting and appliances energy consumption are addressed.

Such a huge scale remodeling requires intensive remodeling upgradation to improve energy distribution, indoor air and light quality, and heating/cooling system. These renovations address the climatic changes, diminishing natural resources, inflation through design and construction of the building.

Contrary to traditional renovation, DERs have set goals in specific numbers, for instance, a house that currently consumes 120 million BTU per year can be reduced to 20 million BTU per year through effective planning, innovative design and comprehensive strategies thoughtful vision for years to come.

Reach maximum efficiency through DER

Upgrade heating system

The first and foremost step thing is to replace the old coal-fired boilers to new efficient gas condensing boilers and pair the water tank with it for hot water. Also, upgrade the window air conditioning system with a central system to reduce energy consumption.

Remove moisture

Seal the leaks between the foundation and floor frame to mitigate moisture in the basement. Wet flooring can also increase humidity in the house and lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Insulate and seal the roof and walls

Fill the wall cavities with cellulose and air leaks in the ceiling and floor with spray foam to properly insulate the house. Insulated walls ensure your place remains warm and cozy during winter. And padded roofs prevent heat conduction into the house during summers. Well-insulated walls and roofs protect the house from weather extremities as heat and air do not penetrate through the cavities. and keep it cozy and comfortable inside.

Buy energy efficient appliances

Appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, electric stoves should be energy-efficient to minimize plug load. The lighting setup is also to be replaced with cost-effective and energy-efficient LED and CFL lights solutions to reduce electricity bills.

Depend on renewable energy

Once, the house is renovated upgraded, try installing install solar panels or wind/hydro turbines to generate electricity. This will reduce the burden on the main power grid, lower electricity bills and ensure uninterrupted power supply.

METCO’s DER Services

METCO is known for its environmental-friendly renovation plans to upgrade the current energy system for improved efficiency. As the company believes in a greener future, it aims to reduce carbon footprint and produce high-quality, reliable energy for uninterrupted power supply.

Through its Deep Energy Retrofit services, METCO concentrates on key areas including:
- building envelope to insulate walls, roof, and floor,
- upgrade to the HVAC system for efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation
- improve lighting and appliances with energy-efficient lternatives to reduce energy consumption.

Benefits of Choosing METCO

Reduced Energy Consumption

Improved insulation and ventilation reduces dependency on electronic devices such as cross ventilated rooms reduce the need for air conditioners.

Energy Conservation

Using energy efficient appliances leads to energy conservation.

Autonomous Power Generation

Setting up solar plants or wind turbine to generate electricity mitigates reliance on the main power grid and also offer control of power production and consumption.

Add value to the site

Energy-efficient buildings have potential to are considered high-value properties earn LEED certificate which boosts rental value.

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