METCO aims to improve power generation through its Combined Heat Power Plants to meet the increasing demand for electricity. The affordable yet environmental-friendly CHP plants are designed to reduce energy bills while maintaining uninterrupted power supply.

Most Suitable Sites for CHP Plants

METCO Engineering has set up multiple CHP systems in various sectors including facility centers, hospitals, universities, and commercial areas. Following factors determine whether the site is suitable for installing CHP. Determining whether the site is suitable for installing CHP depends on the following factors:

  • Does the business require heat and power supply?
  • Is the main power supply turning out to be expensive?
  • Does the client want to reduce carbon footprint?
  • Does the client need a reliable, stable, and on-site power source?

Before setting up the plant, METCO Engineering conducts a thorough assessment of the site to gauge its feasibility, required plant size and fuel type.

Measure the electricity consumption rate to determine the energy distribution rate

Next, the size of the plant is estimated to meet the exceeding demand for electricity

Last, the installation plans are discussed with the clients while offering them

Environmental-friendly alternative

The process minimizes the emission of CO2 and SO2 for a
safe and healthy environment.

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